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Bank Ledger Customization


Why Your sample has marked with red some RefNo's instead of Your needed cheque number?
For cell D5 =iferror(MID(C5,FIND("ChqNo:",C5,1)+6,FIND("ChqDate:",C5,1)-FIND("ChqNo:",C5,1)-7),"-")
and copy as needed.
PS. Have You read Your: https://chandoo.org/forum/threads/data-summary-using-excel-formula.41874/
Dear Sir,
This formula works but my question went wrong actually the reference number and cheque number should be in Column D4 and not D5.
In short it should be in front of Receipt and but its coming in front of blank column.
please advise.


Excel Ninja
If You ask this ... and mean that ... You'll get this ... not that.
Test to copy that formula to ... cell D4 ... then You'll get this to cell D4.
If You still would like to have something else then sit down and think ... what would You really like to have?
You have had same kind of 'Bank Ledger Customization'-thread many times.
... have You noticed?

... and answer question: Have You read Your...