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Averaging Based on Multiple Criteria

Joe Shaer

New Member
Hello -

I would like to create a quick averaging tool based on multiple criteria's.
Criteria #1: Route Number
Criteria #2: County Name
Criteria #3: Begin Mile Range
Criteria # 4: End Mile Range

My challenge is that if the ' begin and End mile range' go over multiple segments, how do I average all data points between?

For example (image below) - my begin mile is at '1.229' and the end mile is '5.238'. I would like to average everything between them.


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
The function AVERAGEIFS also exists and gives the same result.
= AVERAGEIFS(Table1[Value],
     Table1[Route],  Route,
     Table1[County], County,
     Table1[Miles],  ">="&Begin,
     Table1[Miles],  "<="&End
It looks somewhat different because I use defined names and structured references in place of directly referenced ranges.