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Autorun macro based on changing cell value


Hi Team,

Need help with the below scenario

I have a datavalidation done on cell A1 and the datavalidation list has 3 different criteria and have if condition for each criteria

Now when the user selects Criteria 1 from the data validation list, Macro 1 should run, and then when he changes to criteria 2 macro 2 should run.

since am using my office laptop am not able to upload the sample file.

Eg if i select criteria 1, macro 1 should run

Please help.



Active Member
The one thing I've observed with the suggested macro ... the terms in E1 MUST be identical to the CASE TERMS.

In other words ... if the First Case Statement is : Case "INSERT Blank RoWs": Macro1 ..... these words INSERT Blank RoWs
be entered into Cell E1 exactly the same (spelling, case, etc),