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Automating Simple Match and Plug


New Member
Hey All,
Would appreciate your help here.
Please see the attached excel file.
My problem statement is rather simple, but I was hoping that someone could guide me here;
The first tab in the file (titled "Data Set") has 4 part types (P1,P3...) listed in the first row. The numbers below in each column are specific to that part type only.
On the second tab in the file (titled " Placement Sheet") I have only the part types in the first row, which are arranged randomly.

My task is to figure out where each part type of the "Data Set", is located on the "Placement Sheet", and subsequently copy the numbers on the "Placement Sheet" under the correct part type.
This is the sample data , but in reality I'm dealing with 100s of part types on the "Placement Sheet" and so wanted to know if this can be done quickly via Index &Match (perhaps using arrays?) or something faster

Your help is much appreciated.
Kind Regards,


Peter Bartholomew

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Assuming this is what you require.


= XLOOKUP(@placement.hdg, data.hdg, dataTable, "null" )
copied across row 2. To get an array to spill to fill the entire table (from cell A2) requires
= IFERROR( INDEX( dataTable, SEQUENCE(3), XMATCH(placement.hdg, data.hdg) ),"null" )
which is closer to @rahulshewale1 .

Future versions of Excel will allow
= LET(
rowNum, SEQUENCE(ROWS(dataTable)),
colNum, XMATCH(placement.hdg, data.hdg),
partData, INDEX( dataTable, rowNum, colNum),
IFERROR( partData,"null" ) )

Note: These are Microsoft 365 solutions which fail in legacy systems.
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Somendra Misra

Excel Ninja

Use below formula on Placement Sheet in A2 and copy down and across.

=INDEX(DataSet!$A$2:$D$4,ROWS(A$2:A2),MATCH('Placement Sheet'!A$1,DataSet!$A$1:$D$1,0))