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Automated machine scheduling


New Member
I would like to have an automated yearly machine scheduling. In total, I have 5 machines at my disposal and 16 different types of products will go through these machines. The products are categorized according to their sizes, i.e. big, medium and small. Out of the 5 machines, only 1 machine can process the big products, 2 machines can process the medium products and all 5 can process the small ones. Hence, the big products are the constraints in this process and we have to make sure they’re scheduled first. I rank the processing priority based on the size of the product, as well as the demand. The product which falls under the category “big” and has the highest demand has the ranking of 1, and so on. The maximum capacity of the machines is set to be 100, which means the machine can only process 100 parts a week. The machines run 24/5 and the processing time of the products is 1 hour each. There are 50 working weeks in a year.

I know the annual demand of all the products, so I have broken the annual demand down to weekly demand. I’ve set some rules for this. For example, I have a product with an annual demand of 2000. Hence, the weekly demand is 2000/50= 40. If the weekly demand is 0.4*maximum capacity of machine, which means 0.4*100=40, the machine runs 4 weeks every 10 weeks at full capacity (Check: 4 weeks/10 weeks*50 weeks*100 products=2000 products). If the weekly demand of a product is 70, it is 0.7*maximum capacity of machine, which means 0.7*100=70, and the machine runs 7 weeks every 10 weeks. I have to have a scheduling for the machines based on this pattern.

I would be soooooooo grateful if anyone can give me any hints or tips on how to do this? I have already done all the necessary calculations, like which pattern should the product follow and the ranking of the products. All I need to know is how to make product numbers pop up in a production time table automatically when I key in information regarding the products.

Thanks in advance. :)