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Automated Bar Chart


I am trying to create a bar chart, in where there are three type of dataset, one is for the target company which i am assessing, and one is for peers, and one for peer average.

Hence the bar chart should have three colors, all the bars for peers should have "Grey Color", The Target Company's bar should be "Yellow", and the bar for Peer Avg. should be "Green".

I have been able to fix the color as per the above mentioned logic, and its working fine. However, I am facing issues in terms of labels. Because the companies in the dataset keep on changing, hence i cant add the labels manually. To make the logic work (fix the three colors), I have created three more columns (One Column will only have data for Target Company), One column will have data for Peer Avg. and One Column will have data for all the peers. When I am trying to add the data labels for three columns, there is inconsistency. Please see the attachment for details.

Please help me fix the issue so that whenever the dataset or companies in the list changes. The charts along with labels automatically get updated.