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Auto Text complete ?

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by Whistler, May 19, 2017.

  1. Whistler

    Whistler New Member

    I use excel to create a daily document that I enter people's names into.
    The names are not always in the same cell.
    How can I create an Auto Text from a list of hundreds of people names.
    I would type in any cell or cells I have determined and if I type "a" then a list of all the people that start with "a" would show and I would click on the correct name?
    All the list solutions I have found only work for a preset cell and the auto fill doesn't work if there are empty cells below the list.
    Thank you.
    Using Mac Excel 2011
  2. vletm

    vletm Well-Known Member

    1) Have a list of names in some sheet
    2) Select it
    3) Excel > Preferences... > Custom Lists > Import
    >> What is missing? so far works with my 2011.
  3. Whistler

    Whistler New Member

    Yes that works when I want to import the whole list in the same order each time, but I have a list of 600 names.

    What I need is an auto text system where I just start typing the first letters of a name and all of the people with those first letters appear.Then I can select which one to input into that cell.

    The cells will not be the same location each time to use a drop down list.
    This will save me time and correct spelling errors on input.

    I'd rather not have the same drop down list on each cell but I guess that is an option.
  4. vletm

    vletm Well-Known Member

    Whistler - yes
    Try this version ...
    Names are in 'Names'-sheet - D-column -
    1) just modify/add names as needed from 3rd row as needed
    2) You can SORT Names by activating cell D2
    3) go back to 'Sheet1'.
    Select any cell from B-column (from row 3) and
    ... select the 1st letter
    ... after that
    ... make new selection - now names

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