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auto sort button

Hi all--

I am trying to do what I thought was easy (wrong :) ). All I want to do is create a button to sort data based on three diffent levels. I am in Excel 2010 but have it in compatability mood to accomodate the rest of the company. I have tried using the insert Button in Form Controls and the Command Button in the Active X Controls. Please give me the proper procedure and sequence, because what I am doing keeps closing Excel and then losing unsaved data. Thanks in advance.


Luke M

Excel Ninja
It'll help us be more specific if we can see the code you have now.

Until then, Quick and Dirty:

1) Record a macro of you sorting the data the way you want it

2) Edit macro, remove any excess "fluff", adjust range call-outs, if needed

3) Create button from Form Controls, assign newly written macro