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Auto birthday emailers


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Hi All,

I am working on to send auto birthday emails from excel through outlook.

I have a list of entries where the DOB and email id's are mentioned. I need the macro which auto send the emails as an when its the current date without any reminders or pop up emails. Its just that if in case I forgot to send the manual emails I need to send it auto emails. Please let me know if its possible.

I have tried a bit of macro just need few modifications to the same.

It will be great help if some one could just help me with it. Attached is the sample workbook.

Thanks & Regards
Jaya S



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hi ,you can to try by this site
and this one
we have elso programe for this
Auto Mail Sender™ Birthday Edition
Sends Birthday/Season's Greetings by eMail Automatically
  • + Automatic Birthday Wishes & Season's Greetings (Cards and / or Messages)
  • + Enterprise Structure / Contacts / Employees / Templates / Festivals Manager
  • + Imports Contacts & Employees (txt, xls, xlsx, csv)
  • + Built-in Festivals / Greeting Cards / eMail Templates
  • + Macros Manager & Built-in Macros
  • + Resending If Failed with Interval & Times Settings Read More...
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