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Asked about probability


New Member
Hello everybody
I have a question about probability
Threads: Have a 15 variables are numbered form 0 to 14 and divided into 3 groups. 0 is group 1, 1 to 7 group 2, 8 to 14 group 3
Suppose every spin appears a number in 1 group. Asked after a thousand turns, the number in a thousand and one maybe what number ? ( if have data can calculate in 2000 turns, 3000 turns)
Thank for reading. Looking for help thank.



Excel Ninja
Hi ,

What is the uploaded workbook supposed to show ?

What is this spin you have mentioned ?

What is the significance of segregating the 15 numbers into 3 groups ?

What is the Excel help that you are looking for ?

Can you give a clearer idea of what the problem is ?