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Array Formula CTRL+Shift+Enter Not working


New Member
Hi I am trying to use the array formula (first time am doing this) and tried a tutorial I found online, however when I'm clicking the CRTL+Shift+Enter nothing is happening and the formula remains displayed in the cell with not error message or the answer. I have tried maybe it was the show / hide formula but it wasn't.

I have the function explained in the attached diagram...

Would really appreciate your help as am going nuts :)

I have Excel 2016 installed and running windows.



Luke M

Excel Ninja
Don't manually type the curly brackets {} before and after the formula. When you confirm as an array, XL will add those in itself.

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
Your formula works fine (orange label). With structured references and names the formula is more like natural language (green label). An alternative approach is to use LOOKUP but that evaluates array formulas without needing the pesky ctrl/shift/enter (purple label). The final version is the same but uses a name to store the part of the formula that is evaluated using array algebra.



Excel Ninja
I would like to display co efficients of a non linear curve. What I enter Ctrl+Shift+Enter, the curly brackets ("{" and "}") appears but I don't get the data array that I am expecting. I am expecting co-efficients of -9.55E-01 for X^2 and 1.94885 for X.
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