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are these project management cloud based


New Member
I am looking for some project management templates – for me the challenge is, how do I get the inputs recorded by individual team members who are placed in a distributed environment – onsite and offsite members.

Standard templates to track project progress, daily activity burndown charts, resource load & schedule, etc.


Excel Ninja
Good day vinodkumar

The search box top right works...when used



New Member
You can try our templates, but these are desktop compatible only, not cloud based.

Visit http://chandoo.org/pmt/pmt-index-1.html to get a copy


Excel Ninja
Staff member
If your looking for an online project management tool have a look at:



New Member
As you are looking for cloud based software, I'd suggest you to have a look at ZilicusPM http://www.zilicus.com

Soon it'll allow you to re-import projects as template; keeping resource assignment , resource load witihin the context of project, same as existing project/template.

Disclaimer: I work for Zilicus.