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Apple RSS


New Member
Great site. Just incredibly useful. I have a question however that I cannot find the answer to. I am trying to insert a twitter feed (RSS) into a spreadsheet. I followed everything that I could find on your site, however I'm using the Excel 2004 version for Apple OS X. I get abort errors when using the code as you presented. Is there something different I need to do for my powerbook?

I have installed the ODBC drivers and can get stock market quotes from their included saved queries, but can't get it to link for new queries.

Please help!


New Member
Mark, code posted here won't work in Office Mac 2004. The upcoming Office Mac 2011 is the first Office Mac to support the same VBA model as the PC version. I'm afraid you'll have to look for some Applescript code that will work if it's even possible or a third party utility that can output it to text that you can import.