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Animated Chart running but not visible


New Member
Hello, I have created a yahtzee score sheet for playing online with family and friends and want to have a small animation to play at the end of the game. I found one of Chandoo's Diwali Flower and loved it! I watched the hr long video of the Diwali fireworks and followed the process but not everything. Here is the issue I am having...
I copied the VBA (added a For Loop of 3), copied the charts and pot (will not use pot to activate once I get it working I will change the trigger), and I copied the data. I reconnected the data source.
Everything appears to be working but the chart animation is not visible.
The data cycles 3 times and if I click on the chart while it is running I get a snap shot of where the animation is at in that moment so I know the chart is rreceiving the data changes.
I have searched the web and this forum for the last 4 hrs to no avail. The one thing I found was to make sure "provide feedback" was checked in the excel options and it is.
Another interesting thing is the original file works but sometimes it exhibits the same behavior and I have to close it and reopen it.
Any insight to what might be happening would be greatly appreciated. I have attached the file if that helps. Thanks



Excel Ninja
You've written that You've copied 'many-things' but
... did You take care that all has pasted as those has been in original file?
... ... even one 'minor' missed detail would make something unwanted = not work.
Where are Your original file as well as that 'Diwali Flower'-file?
When something should render? ... what should happen?

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Update...it renders when on a blank sheet but not the yahtzee score sheet
Hi, try DoEvents when you need to update the screen …​
You may also have to apply a tiny break - like 0.01s or more - in order eyes can catch the motion.​


New Member
Thank you for your responses. I went a different route and the animation works great on a separate sheet and when all players have 13 turns I have code that unhides and makes that sheet active and the animation works great! Still stumped as to why it wont render on the Game1 sheet. Whats really weird is that when I had my file open then the downloaded file from Chandoo wouldn't render either, yet, his works fine when its the only one open?! I am quite happy with how it works now so I am letting it go.
When I have time to get back to playing around I will give your suggestions a try.
Thank you again