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New Member
Hi guys,

I need help with the following issue.

I have a file with the expected order (in units) for different regions. This information should fill a different file in order to determine the production demand for each period.

As can be seen on "Expected orders" table, each region has different expected orders that should be produced no later than the month they are on. This means, that if Region A has 38 units on 2020.05, all 38 units should be produced by the latest on 2020.05 according to the following restrictions:

  • Orders can be mixed within them in order to meet demand.
  • Since month on Expected orders is the latest delivery date, in order to meet demand production should start earlier.
  • The monthly production capacity for each region is 20 units.
  • Month production should be maximized only if required (if order for that month is larger than 20 units or production is to be anticipated to meet another month's demand).
There is a sample file in which I did manually what the formula should do, I think it's easier to understand that way.

Thank you very much!



Excel Ninja
Something like this?
Note: Cell P1 has Your fixed '20' and Cell P19 (copy left &down as needed) has Your needed formula.
I left Your manually solved results for reference.