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all ActiveX Controls turned into Pictures?


New Member
have a macro-enabled worksheet with many AcitveX Controls.
Suddenly today, all of them become pictures & previously-coded VBA scripts aren't able to work properly upon clicking them.
Is there a way to return them back to "ActiveX Control"s instead of "Pictures"?


Excel Ninja
Has anything else happen after Your previous successful use of ActiveX than year has changed?
= do You use same computer? .. same version of Excel?
Of course, You didn't save those files after You noticed 'missing ActiveX'-case or how?

Marc L

Excel Ninja
have a macro-enabled worksheet with many AcitveX Controls.
Not a good idea like now you know, better is to use the form controls as often using ActiveX can become a mess …​
If your workbook is corrupted, just restart from a backup.​
If not, so if your computer has an Excel or Windows update maybe cancelling it …​


Active Member
It generally means an incompatibility between the temp files on your computer and your current version of whichever dll the activex controls are from - usually, as Marc said, caused by an update. Try deleting any and all .exd files on your computer (with all Office programs closed) and then try again. However, as Marc also said, you are better off avoiding ActiveX if at all possible.