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Aligning Slicers from Different Pivot Tables


New Member
I'm working with an OLAP data model that contains two separate tables (Resource_Assignments and Headcount) with common fields (Department, Manager, Role). The query for Resource_Assignments also merges the data from the Headcount query.



I have two pivot tables each created from Resource_Assignments and Headcount, and I'm using slicers for Department, Role, and Manager with the pivot tables to select the data. I want to be able to use the slicers for the Resource Assignments pivot table and have the slicers for the Headcount pivot table match.

I've tried adding columns on the data model but since the pivot tables are "disconnected", what's the best way to align the slicers? Is it better to use VBA code to align the slicers?



New Member
I found a solution which should really have been obvious. In this case I could just use the same source for both pivot tables. So problem solved without the need for aligning slivers.