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Aging Report


New Member

so I have the invoice with it's data available in each row
so I wanna the value in Grand total column to move in automatic way to it's place according to the number of days to the due date
so the Vendor DS has due date on 27-November-2020 so I want an equation to make a copy of the 7500 to column H
so today is 17-November-2020 and it has 10 days to 27-November-2020 so the equation will list the number on that column 0-30 days.
is there a way to do this?

the file attached as a sample



New Member
Thanks, but it's not working in a correct way
so I added some examples here

Row 5 it's 35 days different it's supposed to be in column I "31-60"

Row 6 it's 5 days different it's supposed to be in column H "0-30", but just it works if I add a number less than 30 in column L

Row 7 it's 0 days different it's supposed to be in column G "Due", it do nothing there.

Appreciate your support, thanks