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Advanced filtering question

Hi Chandoo Experts,

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. I have an advanced filtering question for you. For some reason when I put in a criteria it is not working. For this file, I have set up the criteria range named Criteria2 and the data below named List. Also I added Criteria1 so I can use or conditions with it. When I apply the advanced filter nothing comes up. The last one I did was for Make: chev and type: com. So I'm kind of stumped on this issue. Can you look at what I am doing wrong? Thanks for you help, Joe from Michigan.



Excel Ninja
Hi ,

See your file.

The OR works when the criteria are next to each other. Since you want an OR , the criteria have to be on different rows , so that the filter will return all those rows which have either "chev" in the Make column or "com" in the Type column.