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Adding Missing Dates to a Table


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Hi guys,
I need your help please.
As you could see the below table screen shot got a column that has a list of dates, but it misses some days in the middle. I hope to build a query that add for me the missing days. The start and end dates in the desired series should be the oldest and the latest date in the existing column consecutively, how could I do that?
(Image #1)

I applied this code that got me a part of the solution but created for me another problem

>>> use code - tags <<<
Source = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="Table6"]}[Content],
#"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"Name", type text}, {"Date", type date}, {"Schedule", type text}}),
Dates = Table.FromColumns({List.Transform({Number.From( (Date.From(List.Min(#"Changed Type"[Date]))))..Number.From( (Date.From(List.Max(#"Changed Type"[Date]))))}, Date.From)}, {"Date"}),
Merged = Table.NestedJoin(Dates, {"Date"}, #"Changed Type", {"Date"}, "Gr", JoinKind.LeftOuter),
Expanded = Table.ExpandTableColumn(Merged, "Gr", {"Name", "Schedule"}, {"Name", "Schedule"}),
Reordered = Table.ReorderColumns(Expanded,{"Name", "Date", "Schedule"}),
#"Filled Down" = Table.FillDown(Reordered,{"Name"}),
#"Replaced Value" = Table.ReplaceValue(#"Filled Down",null,"Weekend",Replacer.ReplaceValue,{"Schedule"}),
#"Sorted Rows" = Table.Sort(#"Replaced Value",{{"Name", Order.Ascending}, {"Date", Order.Ascending}})
#"Sorted Rows"
And this got me the below output:
Image #2

Now, problem is happening when there is more than 1 name in the data source table like the below:
Here we get undesirable output and the transformation is applied only in the latest name in the list but not on the rest of the names
Image #3

r/PowerQuery - Adding Missing Dates to a Table
Image #1

r/PowerQuery - Adding Missing Dates to a Table
Image #2

r/PowerQuery - Adding Missing Dates to a Table
Image #3
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Please post the link to the other location. We do not want to duplicate any other person's work. Also, it is more beneficial to actually offer up the worksheet as an upload as we cannot manipulate data in a picture.


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