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Adding Categories in the Activity Portion of Gantt Charts (Chandoo Template)


New Member

I recently purchased the chandoo project management templates and love them. I have been working in the Project Management Dashboard 1 xlsx and was wondering if there is a way to add a category column to the gantt chart categories? Essentially my goal is to add the employees name who the category is assigned to. However, I want the category column to also show up on the dashboard as well.


New Member
Hi Mattlsmith,

Thanks for your purchase and welcome to our forums.

As a start, I recommend seeing the 3 green sticky threads on forum home page here: http://chandoo.org/forums

Coming to your question, you can easily add the column to gantt chart, but integrating it in dashboard takes a bit more time (and skill).

To understand how the project dashboard is constructed, visit this page: http://chandoo.org/wp/2009/10/06/project-status-dashboard/

Once you know how it is made, you can customize it.

All the best.