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Add new sort column


New Member
I have searched the forum to locate how to add additional sort criteria to the dropdown "settings" in the sample download : Project-portfolio-dashboard-VBA-v1-2010.xlsm.
However, unable to locate.
Requesting assistance how to add.


Excel Ninja
Is your question about a product offered by Chandoo? If not, please describe your question in detail.


New Member
Thanks for taking a look.
Yes, it is a sample product offered for download.

attached is the excel file.
look at "setting" sheet.
this does the sorting on "dashboard" sheet.

I want to add a new sort criteria, but don't understand the mechanics.
It is more than just adding an additional row at B10.
What is column "C4:C9" ??



Excel Ninja
Hi Allan

I have had a look at your file. The real work happens on a sheet originally titled Sorting. I have added an additional item to the Drop Down called Spend. This I have highlighted in Yellow on the Sorting Tab. I have also highlighted the new column I added in Green. Formulas need to update as well in Cols L and M of that sheet but that will become apparent as you play around with it.

It is a very pretty and well designed layout but do you notice all the screen flicker? This is the file grinding under the pressure of all the named ranges, probably dynamic ones. As a working file I think it could be vastly improved as with so little information inside the file it should perform seamlessly. I am just going to stand back and throw rocks in a cowardly manner as it would take considerable time to clean it up.

Take care




New Member

Thank you for the assistance.

Your added column Spent ($) needed to be placed "Before" ID.
Now the sort will work either Asc/Des based on "1/0" in col C.


New Member
I have a question regarding sorting. I would like to be able to sort projects based on the Project Owner (Proj Mgr) assigned to each project. Could someone help me out. Thanks.


New Member
Hello adragton, thanks for the assistance with this problem, I am a newby in excel and this is over my head. I found your example yesterday and was trying to figure it out looking at your spreadsheet that you posted until I got a headache and gave up. Is there any way that you can send me the actual excel file so I can take a closer look at it. Thanks for your assistance with my problem.


New Member

Since writing the application, I have gotten better, and changed techniques, especially the sort.
I now use a "Macro" from the sort dropdown to determine the text selected, the have the marco execute the sort.
It is "generic" therefore works for any selection.
It uses the columns from "Project Details" in Order:=xlAscending.

I am thinking of putting "radio button" next to sort with " Ascend/Descend".

to find the script-
1.go to Developer tab
2.Visual basics

The dropdown gets connected by:
1.Right click the dropdown
2.Assign macro
3.Doulde click "sort" (name of the script)

Where does the dropdown gets its data
1.sheet "calculations"
2.Row 174 has the text
3.Right click dropdown
4.Format control
5.Input range - select from calculations rows 175-181



New Member
Hello adragton, thank you for your help with the project management spreadsheet. Now it sorts by almost all the fields available originally. I have a question, when you execute a search, it displays a message, once you click OK it does the sort. Do you know why it does that, and can it be removed?.

I know I am a pain in the ass, but I need to present this project dashboard to my boss next week and I am not getting any luck with the folks at chandoo, I wrote them several email messages about his topic and nothing.

Thank a bunch.


New Member
Thanks adragton, I deleted the msgbox code from the macro and now it executes the search functions without a message window.

Thank you very much.