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Add a new series to an existing chart


New Member
Happy New Year :)
I have a stock chart (candlestick pattern) with so far 6 series which are
open, high, low, close, 3 period moving average close and 15 period moving average close.
I want to add another series to it to show another column of data but in the form of circles
or squares which will relate the data to each day rather that lines.
Is this possible?


Excel Ninja
Many thing would be possible ... if You could upload a sample Excel-file.

As You have joint here ... today
Please reread Forum Rules, which You have already read
especially How to get the Best Results at Chandoo.org and Cross-Posting
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New Member
Sorry, didn't understand what cross posting was. I thought I was not going to get any more replies as file workbook too large to upload.


Excel Ninja
You seems to use Copy and Paste with many Forums,
which all have basic same rules with eg cross-posting.
Did You reread Forum Rules?


Active Member
Well, when someone posts the same thing (or almost) under different usernames on different forums, there is a good chance one is trying to circumvent the rules (PPLates, LLPlates,harronkurshid). Of course it might be a coincidence...


Excel Ninja
Other members have been worried because those rules are for everybody.
Many of those are common sense, which no one would need to write in the rules at all - but seems those needs to write.
If everyone reads the forum rules before writing to the forum, the comments above should not be at all.
It's Your choice - do You want to get help?