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Accessing NativeTimeline using Cube functions


New Member

Firstly, apologies I am not an advanced Excel user, so please excuse any obvious gaps in knowledge.

Essentially, I am using a TimeLine to select a month that adjusts Pivot table information - easy enough!

However, I need to extract the month selected in order to apply to a simple formula calculating the number of days for the month.

I found a reference from another post whereby using CUBERANKEDMEMBER and CUBESET the Timeline could be accessed at the data could be retrieved. However, when writing the same CUBESET function, the "set expression" provides the NativeTimeline_"Caption" (in my case its NativeTimline_Opened), as opposed to the previous example which references "Timeline_"Caption"

The result is a #N/A - I have tried several things but still no joy. I really don't want to venture into writing VBA and CUBE functions look as though they will provide the information but I can't get it to work.

I'm stumped !

Can anyone provide any guideance or simple example?

Many thanks



Well-Known Member
I think you'll get more responses if you were to include a workbook with (desensitised) data in it (regardless of whether it's in the data model or not) and the pivot with its timeline.
Apart from that would a user-defined function be a possible answer?