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Access to products after purchase?


New Member
Dear all,

I am attaching below an email that I sent Chandoo regarding three courses that I am interested in purchasing.

Can anyone help me out with what I asked in the following email?


Dear Vijay,

My name is Orlando Nunez and I am very interested in purchasing your Super Value course "Excel School + Dashboards + VBA".

I have followed your website for a long time and I have to admit I am a ver big fan of your work and your spreadsheets. I am very grateful to be able to see your amazing blog posts and the information and resources you provide in your site! Thank you for this.

Now, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, I am stuck at home with no where to go for the next weeks... so I wanted to invest in the super pack course mentioned above because I will have lots of free time.

I wanted to ask you one thing of the super pack course. Since I will be watching the videos and all the material during this pandemic, I will be probably moving very fast through the lectures and everything you make available for us. My question was basically if I will be having full access to the entire course since day one. I work as a Civil Engineer on the field, and typically I never have really free time, like right now, to dig deep into excel, so this opportunity I want to take and make the most use of--especially since I dont know how long I will be in quarantine. I am planning in watching and learning everything during my town's lockdown time; this was basically the reason of my question.

Please let me know, so I can purchase the products!
Thank you very much, and I hope you have a good day!