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A question about the SUM formula (I think)

Dave North

New Member
I have written a simple spreadsheet that calculates the quantity of items (Col A)at a given price (Col E) and puts the product of those two columns in Column F. Using the sum formula in Col G =SUM(G3,F4) etc, Col G then shows the running balance as I add additional rows.

Let's say I have 6 rows of entries, and the balance in G6 is $90.00. All the rows in Column G below Row 6, ie, G7, G8 etc show a balance of $90.00. I would prefer them to show a $0 balance.

Then when I add data into Row 7, say 2 items @ $8 each, making F7 $16, G7 would = $106. And G8, G9 etc would be $0 and so on down the sheet.

Is there a formula I can use that will look at column F and if F=$0, will make the sum in G=$0 etc etc down the column, instead of carrying the $90 (or $106, or whatever the latest balance is), all the way down Col G, please?

Some kind of if, then, else formula?

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any help.