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9 Box Grid Filter


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I am a vlookup Excel user (that is, very novice) and I decided I could make a 100-box out of the Nine box template, using over 2,000 lines of data. The good news is that I sort of did it and it works!! Where the issue sits is within the filter. In the example file you provided, you use "departments" to select different departments and graph the nine-box accordingly. For whatever reason, adding a third filter into my grid and FILTER formula provides zero results (blank boxes in my 9-box).

=IFERROR(TEXTJOIN(",",TRUE, FILTER(Index[Property Code],(Index[Survey 1 NPS]=M$19)*(Index[Survey 1 Engage]=B$9)*(Index[Director]=L50))),"")

L50 is a drop-down list that contains 60 unique names under the DIRECTOR field in my table. Additionally, when I remove the Director and just enter a name of a director (see below), it also does not work. It is as if the filter does not want to acknowledge the names under the filter.

=IFERROR(TEXTJOIN(",",TRUE, FILTER(Index[Property Code],(Index[Survey 1 NPS]=M$19)*(Index[Survey 1 Engage]=B$9)*(Index[Director]=Mike Smith))),"")

Now, I have gone back to your example file and added and change the departments and all seems to work. Is there something unique about the text in my table (called INDEX) that is causing it not be picked up by the FILTER?

I have hours into this and just cant get this filter to work.
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I assume the 9-box-grid you are referencing is the one in the November 17 post on the Chandoo blog?


I've pulled the sample file from that blog post and inserted an additional filter as you suggested -- using Directors named Mike and Max. See attached.

Can't seem to re-create the error you describe. Perhaps you'd be willing to share your file so we can see your situation more specifically?