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24 hour format time, calculate total hours


New Member
I get result of value######.

basically need to calculate work hours say start 17:30 to 0130 = result should be 8 hrs but an error.

hence here asking for help. attached is the copy of the sheet with formula.

example : 17:21 to 01:32 or 16:51 to 02:32

thanks for your time



Excel Ninja
Your 17:30 is okay,
but with 01:30 ( because it would be next days (30/4/2021 based You expected 8:00 result).
You should add 1 to 01:30 to get positive result.
Hint: use 29/4/2021 17:30 and 30/4/2021 01:30 to get expected results.
... and same would work if there would be longer periods eg over two days.