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    Locate rows that don't match others in group

    The solution here is probably easy but I just cannot determine how to approach this. I have information by client that includes dates. Each client will have 1-5 rows of data. Each row includes a date. If the client has 3 rows and all 3 dates are the same, I can skip them. I need to...
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    Error 1004 Select method of Range class failed

    I have an Access database with code that opens an Excel file and then updates information in it. I am getting the error 1004 when I try to put data into some of the cells. I know that the code has the correct worksheet referenced because I am able to get one cell to work, and then the...
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    Count unique values in filtered pivot table

    I am back with my tornado data report that I posted previously about in the charting forum. I got everything working and it looks great (thanks to Luke M for the assistance), and then realized that I've got some errors in my "tornado count" totals because the pivot table is not counting unique...
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    Suggestions for charting monetary damages

    I recently posted about a project I'm working on regarding tornado data from 1950-2013. I have been able to get my number of tornadoes by year chart working with my secondary value charted over it, as well as a chart of fatalities and injuries. The pivot tables feeding those charts are...
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    Need chart with secondary series (single value)

    I have a chart I'm trying to build based on tornado data. I have a data table with tornado activity which includes columns for a unique index number (to identify each tornado), date of the tornado (separated into month, day, year cols), and county affected by tornado. The data table includes...
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    Need client with highest premium in Pivot Table

    I have a pivot table of data which has Account Managers or CSRs (rows) and policy effective dates by month (cols). In the values area I need three things: 1. Total Premium 2. Count of Policies 3. Name of Client with the highest Total Premium The first two are rather easy but I'm not...