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  1. Jack

    Passing string to web page field (box)

    Hi all I am trying to pass a search string a user enters to my Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE) https://www.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=012611895431513734681:xpw195-soo8 . It used to be easy as the search string became part of the URL so I used followhyperlink happily. But these days the...
  2. Jack

    High level data summary using seperate table to define data to HL code [SOLVED]

    Hi everyone, I have a problem I have been trying to solve with SUMPRODUCT but you might have other ideas or come across the same situation. In summary and in simple terms, I want to use an intermediate conversion table to summarise data: data -> prod no -> higher level prod grouping...
  3. Jack

    Find 1st instance of text across multiple columns [SOLVED]

    Hi everyone This one I think is and I have certainly found to be harder than it sounds. I have a range of data spanning 13 columns G6:S30 with each column representing different jobs on any given day in a business for a roster. Each row is a 1/2 hour time slot. So an employee's initials say...
  4. Jack

    Creating an object of a subset of worksheets [SOLVED]

    Hi all I have a large Workbook with about 60 worksheets. But of these I have only 20 or so that have to be updated with new data. Can I or how can I create an object of these 20 worksheets which I need to define by tab name as the index numbers for these sheets are not in one group. I know...
  5. Jack

    SUMPRODUCT and Time problem

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with using SUMPRODUCT and a range of time data (hours) from a report dumped out of our system as CSV, copied into my workbook. My formula is...
  6. Jack

    File Opening Macro

    Hi everyone. I have written some code below that works after much trial and error but it worries me that I don't understand why. This code is to allow the user to select the right .xls file to open from a defined folder, first test if the chosen file is already open and then either open it or...
  7. Jack

    Match colour of Macro Button (Command Button)

    Does anyone know the RGB colour code for the stadard macro button (ie CommandButton) by any chance? I am trying to match a cell to this colour but after a lot of searching have struck out. I just wanted to use in this simple little macro. Sub FillColourtoMacroButton()...
  8. Jack

    Sharing a Workbook over the web

    Hi everyone. I am looking for some advice on sharing workbook with others over the web somehow who all have read write access. My wife is doing a post grad course over 18 months meeting monthy/bi monthly and have formed an informal study group of about 12 students who want to track their...
  9. Jack

    Wingdings 2 Ticks and crosses

    Hi everyone. An issue that has bugged me for a long time is for a simple checklist situation, I like to use say Wingdings 2 format and enter "R" (for a tick) and "S" (for a cross) and set up a simple validation drop down to select a tick or a cross in a checklist type situation. But if the...
  10. Jack

    Moving on from Excel 2003

    Hi all My work understandibly is stuck in Office 2003 mode, it does the job and you all know the rest. But I would like to move on to 2007 or 2010 as more and more blogs are leaving 2003 behind. I thought I could do this but limit set the saving to 2003 in compatibility mode. But this may...