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  1. Luke M

    Chart Labeler

    Many years ago, I got this add-in from John Walkenbach's website. Helpful for adding custom labels to your chart(s). Since then, I've been unable to find the link to original source. The tool was provided freely with description that it may be freely distributed. I take no credit for the...
  2. Luke M

    Test thread

    upload test
  3. Luke M

    Formula translator

    Hi everyone, Since we are a community from around the world, we often have formulas that need to be translated into other languages. I stumbled across this link today; pretty handy. Works just like Google Translator. It can also handle the comma-to-semicolon translation...
  4. Luke M

    Test Post

    Using this thread to test out attachments, other misc. forum stuff. Ignore this thread for all other uses.
  5. Luke M

    Remove password

    A common request across the Excel forums is looking for some way to remove a password from the worksheet/workbook/VBA project. Take note, putting a password on any of these items does not make it secure, it only slows someone down from messing things up. With that mindset, here's the file I use...
  6. Luke M

    Inventory and Sales Tool

    Greetings Forum, I'm looking for a template or ideas/design. I've got a large number if misc. items around my house I want to make an inventory of, and I'll then be selling them online via eBay, craigslist, etc. So, tool needs to be able to keep track of my inventory, and also help me keep...
  7. Luke M

    Somendra Misra +3000 posts

    Congratulations @Somendra Misra You've certainly been one of the fastest rising posters lately. Glad to have you with us, and I always enjoy the insights you bring to the community. Keep up the awesome work! :cool::DD
  8. Luke M

    Robustness of Forum predates Modern Age

    So, while going to the moderator reports, I noticed that it picks 1 week at a time, where mods can review reports. Curious, I wondered how far back it goes. Turns out, it doesn't suffer from the limitation of first date being Jan 1, 1900. Couple of funny screen shots: We even have records from...
  9. Luke M

    Copy with Filtered Data

    If you've ever tried to copy data from one column in a filtered list, to another column, you've discovered that Excel didn't keep all your data on the same row. See below Ugh, it put all the data together, with the 37 value going into one of the rows that's currently hidden. That's no good! :(...
  10. Luke M

    Chandoo Member List

    Partly out of my own curiousity to see all the data, and partly as a challenge to myself to learn how to extract web data into XL, I built a worksheet that (tries) to go to every member page here at Chandoo and extract basic info: User Name Date of Last Activity Date Joined Message Count Likes...
  11. Luke M

    Dashboard challenge - Win prizes

    In case you didn't see, Chandoo is holding a Dashboard contest! :DD Check it out for a chance to win an iPad or Galaxy Tab. :awesome: :) http://chandoo.org/wp/2014/04/09/visualize-state-migration-contest Best of luck to everyone, need to submit your entry by April 20, 2014.
  12. Luke M

    Happy Pi Day!

    Happy Pi Day everyone. Today is 3.14, so everyone should go enjoy a nice slice of the favorite pie. As part of the celebration, we'll play a game. How old am I??? Anyone have nay Pi/Pie trivia they would like to share? :P:DD
  13. Luke M

    Remove Hidden Data

    If anyone else is like me and what to try and make sure you remove hidden data such as your real name, company, etc., this thread is for you. :) Microsoft has attempted to address the issue with several features. In 2003, it was a downloadable add-in. For 2007 and 2010, you can use the Document...
  14. Luke M

    Congrats to SirJB7 - 6000 posts

    Well my friend, since you congratulated me, I feel I must return the favor. Although I still get lost when you speak in this "other" language of yours ;), I've appreciated all the hard work you've put in. Thanks for all the insightful posts. :)
  15. Luke M

    New Forum Celebration

    Hurrah!!! We have finally migrated to the new forum. Hip hip hooray! :D:cool::p
  16. Luke M

    Formula Challenge 004 - Add and subtract days to pre-1900 dates

    Challenge name: Add and subtract days to pre-1900 dates Challenge Description: * This is a formula challenge, designed to get you thinking creatively about how to solve a tricky problem using formulas only. * Take the date in column A, add/subtract the number of days in col B, return correct...
  17. Luke M

    Forum Roles

    To any of my fellow ninjas or Chandoo, can you explain the difference between forum administrator and moderator? While using the admin page, I discovered that while Chandoo is the only "key master", 4 of us are admins and 3 of us are moderators. Is there an actual difference between the two...
  18. Luke M

    Luke M - On travel

    Hi everyone! Just an informal message to let friends know that I'm travelling this week and won't be on the forum. Hope everyone has a good week!
  19. Luke M

    Congrats to new ninja, BobHC!

    Welcome to our band of ninjas! I, for one, will certainly welcome the help fighting all these spam bots. =) Again, congratulations my friend!
  20. Luke M

    Move Data macro

    Question from mwpv11, moved from the Introduction stickey: