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    Error in Do until statement

    I have three values in the excel sheet B Column contains Opening stock C Column contains Sold units D column contains Closing stock I put the below macro code if the closing is less than or equal to zero the process should stop . But the do until statement is working more than that >>>...
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    Leave balance adjustment

    Hi I have attached excel with leave data with input and output In the sheet i have three types of Leave which is CL, SL & PL If the employee availed leave more than the Opening balance then the leave should be adjust with the next column. For example in the first data Mr. John has CL leave...
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    filter macro not working when merge cells

    Hi I have a excel file with three datas emp id , emp name and location. I separate the data based on the location filter I am using the below macro code. but when i make the heading as merge the below macro is not working. It filtered only the blank cells. Attaching the file for your reference...
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    Save excel file as separate file name

    Hi I have a excel sheet with two sheets and having 3 data inside that (Emp code, Emp Name and Location) Sheet 1 contains Format Sheet 2 Contains Data File it contains three data (Emp code, Name and Location) Now i want copy 1st employee code, name and location and paste in the Format sheet...
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    Unique Data Value Count in Excel macro needed

    Hi I have country name Data in A column. I have already put the Output Data in C2 Cell using formula. Now i am using the formula but need for this formula with used range count in A cell. Example now i have a data in A2:A8 Cell. But if i add more data then the formula will add to the used...
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    Sum Data based on city and level

    Hi I have data with 3 columns in the excel sheet attached. 1st Column is Region, 2nd column is Level and 3rd column is Marks I need sum the Marks based on the Region and Level Attaching the excel sheet with Input data and output Data Kindly do the needful Thanks
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    Days Calculation for Inbetween Joinees for salary

    Hi, I have excel sheet with three datas A Cell-Emp ID B Cell -Date of Joining C Cell - I given my Output what answer will come Now i was calculating Salary for June month . One employee Joined on 6th Jun 21. I want if the employee joined before 1st of June then the output column will show the 30...
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    How to skip the excel contains cells while tabbing

    Hi I am attaching excel sheet with this In the yellow marked color cells contains formula. My requirement is if i Enter the data and give tab then the data which contains formula cells need to skip Example in this excel sheet If i enter data in B5 Cell and give Tab button it will go C5 Cell...
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    calculation on slab value

    hi Team I have a sales slab value from 0-5,6-10,11-20,20 & Above. If the salesperson sells 25 nos of the product the same will be calculated according to the slab value as a bonus instead of the overall bonus percentage. Attaching the excel sheet for your reference. Kindly help
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    Find unique values when blank cells

    Hi I try to find unique values in the data. but when data is blank it is showing as Div Error. In this example Range B3: I3 I have two unique values Revenue and cost. so that outcome as 2 but showing as #Div/0! Error. How to resolve this issue. Attaching excel sheet for your reference Thanks
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    match and not count blank cells

    Hi Team, I have excel sheets In that I have data from column C to column 7. If the Input data all matching then I get the output as True. (The Blank should not be counted) If all the Cell Data is Revenue then output comes as True. Provided the blank should not be counted. In this 4,7 & 8 data...
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    webscrapping vba code for google selenium

    Hi, I have a list of users in my webportal i want to select the particular user emailid and double click the user so that it will go the next page. The below is the html code <input what="input" name="value" type="text" ng-minlength="2" ng-model="filters[option.attribute]" placeholder="Search...
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    Dget Function getting #Num! Error

    Dear Team, I am try to put DGET Function with two workbook but showing #NUM! Error. I have two excel sheets first is Data base and contains entire database. Second sheet name as Output. When i put DGET Function for the first record the output is coming correct. But for the other records...
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    HTML Submit Button not executing in Macro

    Hi I have following html code when i execute the macro code First Name, Last Name working fine but the submit button is not executing. Submit Button not clicking Can you check the below macro code and guide what are the changes to made in the macro code for submit button HTML Code...
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    Data Entry on WEB Browser using excel

    Hi, I have a data in Excel with three data fields First Name, Last Name and Email ID. I want to fill the data in one of the web portal link is https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_mw4vHQDEQpmm14PEnrP45w attaching excel sheet with data. can u guide how to fill excel data automatically to the web...
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    bring April Month as first in Pivot Table Grouping

    Hi I have data from April 2019 to Mar 2020. When i put the pivot table and put the date as group in the first it is coming as Jan Month in the first row. But i want April Month to come in the first row. Because our Quarter is (April to March). Kindly guide how to do in Pivot Table...
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    Email Body Message to Split to Fields

    Hi, I am getting the Email Body Message for a Enquiry (Attaching the Input in the yellow color in the excel sheet). But when i try to paste in excel the body is paster in one single cell. There date to be filled in the four fields ie Name, Email Address , Telephone Number and Message...
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    How to transpose Data

    Hi Attaching the excel sheet contains student data. I am give two things one Raw Data & Output need given in the sheet (what actual output i need) any body can help Regards Shahul
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    Changing the chart colour different

    Hi I am attaching the excel file it contains three data projected , achieved and target. If i put the chart it is giving only one color ie blue color. Any body guide how to differentiate with color. My requirement is the Target chart show in blue color, achieved chart in green color...
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    How to retrieve the excel password

    Hi I have created one excel file and set the password but unfortunately i forget the password. kindly guide how to retrieve the password through vba macros. Regards Shahul
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    Consolidating Multiple workbook in to one sheet

    Hi, I have a multiple excel workbooks. I want to consolidate all the workbook in to one sheet. can you provide the macro code regards shahul
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    Inputbox common for three macro subroutines

    Dear Team, I have the below macro code in that i have three subroutine macros ie. balance, status and refund. For selecting the rows where the data available now i use the variable and given the inputbox for resize code. With foundcell.Offset(1).Resize(xx) My requirements is if i run the below...
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    Formula instead of Using Pivot table

    Hi Attaching the sample file with Four sheets 1) Dashboard 2) Data 3) Pivot 1 4) Pivot 4 My requirement is to pull the raw data and fill in to the dashboard sheet. It is an accounting double entry system ie debit and Credit Now for pulling the data i have to put the pivot table two times...
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    Data Input using vlookup and sumif formula

    Hi I am attaching the two sheets 1) Dashboard 2) Template Sample My requirement is if run the macro automatically the balance data is fetch from the template sample sheet to dashboard sheet using vlookup formula And the Success status data is fetch from the template sample sheet to...
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    Total the Amount with status

    Dear Team, I need the formula for the attached sheet. I contains two sheets one is Raw Data and output Based on the raw data i want the output using the formula which has three status like success, pending and failed. The same now i using in pivot table but every time i have to change the...