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    Search for a character/string, get the location's whole word..

    Hello There, I would like to have a VBA Sub which would do the following: Below varaibles: a. l_Paragraph = "A string is any series of characters that are interpreted literally by a script. :x_For example, hello world :x_and LKJH019283 are both examples of strings. In computer...
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    Reflect comma (,) separated plain text from a variable into a Table

    Hello there, I have the below variable which stores a text string (comma separated) from some previous process. This needs to be reflected in a table (to be placed on Table Header Column 2). Please find attached the Sample Workbook.xlsm, which copies the variable string in the clipboard and...
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    Get PC Device, Windows & Excel Information using Win32 library

    Hello There, I would like to have a VBA Function(s) which would get the below information and return the result as a String. I tried to search on the web and got some but not all the values. My code is quite messier and it takes quite some time to get the results. : Win32_ComputerSystem...
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    Loop through table columns and set the entire column format based on a condition

    Hello There, I have a table with a few columns, and I would like to loop through the first row and all the table columns and check it's values. If a column value satisfies the criteria then set the entire column format to a certain format. There is a small conversion for the column where there...
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    VBA Code editor display of line numbers

    Hello There, I came across below sample VBA code (attached snapshot). At start of each line code, there is a line/seq number. Can anyone suggest which tool can be used for such display and use of line/sequence numbers? Thank you & regards, Don
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    Delete any data/table exists in a given range.

    Hello There, I have a given range (eg. C10:G40) where the data will be pasted. Before I could do that I am checking if that given range is empty/available. If yes then paste the data. If the given range is not empty then I would like to do delete the data: 1.If there are any normal data. 2...
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    Userform.Textbox: Rich Textbox

    Hello There, Are there any possibilities to have a rich textbox, and how can this be implemented in a Userform? Any sample workbooks would be helpful. Appreciate your response. Regards, Don
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    Userform.Textbox: Get whole paragraph at cursor position

    Hello There, I would like to know the VBA code to get the entire paragraph at current cursor position in a userform textbox. The solution for my previous post to get the entire word at cursor postion was provided by @Hui. I tried to modify the code inthere, in vain. : Reference below...
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    Userform.Textbox: Get the cursor position's entire word

    Hello There, I have a userform with the Textbox. I would like to know the VBA code to get the entire word where the cursor is placed. I have attached a sample workbook for your reference. Thank you & regards, Don
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    Display line numbers in a multiline userform textbox

    Hello There, In my Userform I have a multiline textbox. The user can load a file content in this textbox as well as they can enter it manually (multi lines). I would like to display line numbers for each line for this textbox. I am not aware, if this could be displayed in the textbox itself...
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    Count number of lines & comma seperated values in a VBA String variable

    Hello There, I have a certain chunk of comma seperated values stored in a VBA string variable. In the active worksheet, the user chooses a cell, where it should be pasted. Before it could pasted, I want to make sure there is enough room (rows/columns) for this string value and it does not...
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    Delete last empty line in a CSV file

    Hello There, I came across a procedure which creates a csv file based on a given range in worksheet. However, it creates a blank line at the end of file which I would like to delete it. Could you please advice how this can be done with the VBA code? Sub ExportAsCSV() Dim MyFileName As...
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    Get the Modified DateTime of a certain file in a .zip file

    Hello There, I have a requirement to create a VBA function to return the modifed date time of a specific file in the specific folder of a .zip file. The parameters provided as follows: 1. Folder Path (Path --> C:\) 2. Name of the .zip file (complete folder path including zip file name -->...
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    Extract a specific file from a .zip file & search for a string if it exists in the extracted file.

    Hello There, I would like to know the VBA code for the following requirement: Following parameters passed to the Function: 1. The name of the .zip file (complete folder path including zip file name: C:\FolderFile.zip) 2. Name of the sub directory in the .zip (where the file to be extracted...
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    Display side panel

    Hi There, Attached is the snapshot where it shows a panel on the right hand side of the window. I see in some Excel applications these are used to display messages/userform controls, etc. I don't know what the actual name of this is, so I called it as side panel I would like to know how to...
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    Navigation to default internet web browser's (tabs)

    Hello There, I am looking for a VBA code which would do the navigation/opening of a url in the default internet web browser and checing of it's Tabs. A: The user will pass the following values: Sr. Parameters Values 1 Default Web Browser : Google Chrome 2 URL : www.google.com 3 Web...
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    Delete Table Rows based on a column/cell value

    Hello There, I have the below sub to which should delete rows based on value match in a table column. It does delete the rows. Could you please assist in correcting the below code or any other VBA Code which could delete rows in a table based on a value matched to a certain column? Sub...
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    Loop through web-based outlook email folder, and extract attachment

    Hello There, I am looking for the below requirement to do it in VBA: 1. User is using web-based Outllook for emails (outlook not installed on desktop). 2. VBA should scan through a subfolder (eg. Inbox/Customer Invoices) 3. Check if the email has an attachment (eg. pdf file). 4. Extract the...
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    Evaluate index match with dynamic range

    Hello There, I have attached a sample workbook which returns a value, based on 2 search criteria cell value. This is done via for loop I came across a way to do this via Evaluate (Index, Match). I have attached a sample workbook for your reference (which is working on hard coded range). The...
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    Summarise (count/sum) data based on a excel table

    Hello There, I have a excel table which lists summarised data, based on operation of a file. It includes a file name processed on a particular date, and the various totals of it's operation (eg. total : Matched transaction, transaction having No PO, etc.) On another worksheet it gives a month...
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    Dynamic multiple data filter based on a flexible Array

    Hello There, I would like to know the actual VBA code which can dynamically filter data based on a flexible array. I have a UserForm with a couple of CheckBoxes. Based on the selection of the CheckBox (checked/unchecked), the value required for the data filter should be added or removed from...
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    Loop through Filtered Data (visible rows), to derive calculated value from 2 columns.

    Hello There, I have 2 worksheets: Header (Section, Total Quanity, Total Amount) Lines (Section, Description, Quantity, Unit Price) I would like to know the following how this can be achieved using VBA code. 1. The common column between 2 worksheets is Column 'Section' 2. For every Header...
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    Search for occurence of value in a given range of a filtered data (visible rows)

    Hello There, I would like to have a Function in VBA which can return the occurence of a given value for the below situation: 1. Data is filtered 2. Search for a value in a given range and count it's occurence (in the filtered area, visible rows only) Parameters for the Function would be: 1...
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    Excel macro file (Userform Webbrowser) installed on other machine does not work

    Hello There, I have a .xlsm file with a Userform which has a Webbrowser. It works good in my machine. When this file is copied to another machine and the Userform is invoked the Webbrowser does not work nor does it gives any error. I checkd the Userform toolbar and the Webbrowser control was...
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    Generate CSV file from a filtered data list

    Hello There, I came across a sample code to create csv file from a selected range as below (hopefully this could be useful for others): http://www.cpearson.com/excel/ImpText.aspx I would like to make this work where it generates a csv file only for the filtered data list. Could you please help...