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  1. Belleke

    using multiple image extensions

    How can i change this code so it works for jpg and gif? If Dir(Path & Cell & ".jpg") <> "" Then With .Pictures.Insert(Path & Cell & ".jpg") Thanks in advance
  2. Belleke

    Vlookup question

    When I fill date paid on in sheet 2 column B iwant to fill column I on sheet1 automatically with the dates. See example. Thanks in advance.
  3. Belleke

    changing one character in a range to windings

    if the character is è or ì I would like these two characters change to windings. this in cells with more text ,the rest of the text should remain Arial
  4. Belleke

    Criteria in query

    I have an excel query, but I only want the rows where the value in column 5 is less then the value in column 6 How can I set that criteria? Thanks.
  5. Belleke

    Finding names in tables

    I have 3 tables with different locations. With the names of the people that belong to these locations. In another table I want the locations next to the names See example
  6. Belleke

    Count with 2 conditions

    What would be the formula for: if column A range contains apples and pears then count column c that contains cancelled or pending Thanks in advance
  7. Belleke

    Cell Address

    I have this formula. =INDIRECT("Sheet" & COLUMN()-COLUMN($C$1)+1 & "!$A$1") But instead of the value I want the cell address. Thanks in advance
  8. Belleke

    Search in table columns

    Hi, I am looking for code to solve my problem in attached example. I put the explanation in the file. Please advice Thanks in advance.
  9. Belleke

    Add Dot for thousand seperators

    I have this formula: =IF(LEN(A1)=1,TEXT(A1,"0"),TEXT(A1,"0.00")) in CF How do I add the thousand separator. 4000 should be 4.000 10000 should be 10.000 4000,25 should be 4.000,25 10000,60 should 10.000,60 and if possible 10000,50 should be 10.000,50, not 10.000,5 Thanks in advance It can be a...
  10. Belleke

    automaticly convert cell

    When i enter 1234567899, i want the cell changes automaticly into 12-34.-5678.-9\9 formula, vba Cell Properties, every solution is ok. thanks
  11. Belleke

    fill cell b1 with a text when cell A1 is not empty

    I want to fill cell b2 with the text yes when Cell A2 is not empty, formula in cell A2 thanks to help.
  12. Belleke

    combine i one datavalidation

    How to combine list (range) and =NOT(ISBLANK(A1)) in datavalidation thanks
  13. Belleke

    modus Max and median formulas.

    See example
  14. Belleke

    Counting differences in column D

    I am looking for a formula when the values in Colum c and column b and column c are the same, i want to count the differences in column D result in E A B C D E (result of formula) ok bread butter Cheese 2 ok bread butter meat 2 ok...
  15. Belleke

    Clear contents of a range when slicer filter is cleared.

    I have a slicer on a sheet, I would like to clear A1:B10 when Slicer filter is cleared. (nothing selected)
  16. Belleke


    I am new to excel. See question in attachement. Thank you for helping.
  17. Belleke

    quarter year in excel userform textbox

    I have Textbox1.Value = Format(Date, "dd/mm/yyyy") and Textbox2.Value = Format(DatePart("q", Textbox1.Value)) The result in textbox 2 is wrong, it uses the American date notation example 02/05/2019 gives as result 1(uses 02 as month) but it should be 2 (5th month, second quarter) How can I...
  18. Belleke

    Clear contents of certain columns.

    I have Set Rng = [ANRs] Set fnd = Rng.Find(What:=T_26.Value, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole) If Not fnd Is Nothing Then smessage = "Afrekenen, ben je zeker" + "?" If MsgBox(smessage, vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Bevestig Afrekenen") = vbNo Then GoTo oops ws.Rows(fnd.Row).ClearContents I want to...
  19. Belleke

    Disable login when opening excel

    For some time now a friend of mine is getting a message from "Windows Security" that he needs to login to his account. He wants it to be disabled butI don't know how to disable that. Any one an idea? Thanks.
  20. Belleke

    Double in Slicer

    What is the reason that I have a double in slicer?
  21. Belleke

    Workbook doesn(t want to save

    I have this code Sub Belle() Range("A2:R50").Copy Workbooks.Add With ActiveSheet .PasteSpecial .PasteSpecial xlPasteColumnWidths End With Path = "C:\test\" Filename = ActiveSheet.Range("P7") ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Path & Filename & ".xlsm", FileFormat:=52 ActiveWindow.Close End...
  22. Belleke

    5 highest values formula

    I have this formula in one cell =INDEX(C2:C411,MATCH(MAX(P2:P411),P2:P411,0)) What would be the formulas to display the five highest scores in five cells. The names are in column C, scores are in column P There can be identical scores. Thanks
  23. Belleke

    Color userform labels background from listbox selection.

    I am looking for a code that changes the background color of labels. If I use Select case the code will be long. I wonder if it' s possible to have another one with a shorter code. thanks
  24. Belleke

    Values instead of formulas

    I have this code Private Sub Cmd1_Click() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set j20 = Sheets("JAP 2020") lrJ20 = j20.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row If lrJ20 < 5 Then lrJ20 = 5 j20.Rows(5 & ":" & lrJ20).ClearContents Set R = Sheets("Resultaten") GoSub kopieer Set R =...
  25. Belleke

    Lowes scores only color once

    In a file the lowest scores are colored with CF. You can select number of lowest scores in N2. 2 lowest scores, 3 lowest scores ...... How can I change that if there are double scores cells should only colored once. for example in row 8 number 46 should only colored once. You can use VBA. Thanks...