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    send pdf file not working in office 2016

    Dear Friends, I have below code to send PDF files from the path address given, it was working perfectly. after upgrading to office 2016, it is not working at all. any help please... Sub Send_Row_Or_Rows_pdf_Attachment_1() If MsgBox(" Please make sure, you want to send the email to all the...
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    copy cell value in a range and paste specific numberof rows below

    Dear Friends, I am trying to write a code to copy cell value in a range if not equal to blank and paste below16 rows from active cell,after pasting one value it should go to next value in the range and do the same. below code is doing the first task and not going next value. sample file is...
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    Copy data and paste in concerned sheet in list

    Dear Friends, I have below code to copy the data and paste in concerned sheet, sheet name is mentioned Sheet98.Range("C12:C137"). this is perfectly working, currently it is pasting in the second row of concerned sheet, I wanted paste data 25th row of concerned sheet, I am trying to change the...
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    Copy the 20 line item and paste in a format to print

    Dear Experts, I am stuck with something, would be really helpful if a solution. I have data in A2:L5000 in sheet1. in column 'I' it is 'Amount' and in Column 'D' it is 'Entry number' In sheet2 I have format set with letter head which can accommodate 19 row. I wanted to copy each 19 rows from...
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    to bring abbreviation B for billion and T for trillion.

    Hi friends, I have number trillion and million in a column and make it to the chart. the follow code pasted in the format cell custom- working fine for million and billion. Please help me how do i get it work for trillion too. [>999999999.999]#.0,,, _-"B";[>999999.999]#.0,, "M";#,##0...
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    Million and Trillion short form in cell

    HI, I have below custom to display B instead of billion an M and instead of million. could you tell me how to add trillion also to this [>999999999.999]#.0,,, _-"B";[>999999.999]#.0,, "M";#,##0 _M Regards Abdul
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    Extract from one sheet to different sheets

    Dear friends, Could you please help on the below. I would like to have VBA to extract data from one sheet to different sheets my data in sheet Master A2:H2000. I wanted to extract the data in the range of A:I depends on the value in the coloumn H I have created ten sheets with the value in...
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    Restrict Sunday from entering

    Hi Friends, In the column A4:A500 i am entering different date with formate set DDDD-MMMM-YYYY, I wanted excel to restrict when we enter date which is falling on sunday. Appreciated your help. Regards Abdul.
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    Sumproduct in VBA.

    Hi, I am trying to use sumproduct in VBA. i managed to write below code, it is not working. could any one assist on this. Sub processreport() Sheets("Report").Select Range("B3").Select Do While ActiveCell.Value <> "" On Error Resume Next ActiveCell.Offset(0...
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    multiple Date validation using VBA

    Hi Friends, Can any one help me on this. multips date validateion in a cell.if there is only one date to validate, i should have used Data-validation-date-between. I have in the sheet2 leaveplan from date in the C5:C100 and to date in the D5:D100 In the another Sheet1 'from date in the...
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    VBA to extract from all row matching the condition

    Hi friends, I have below VBA to extract the row if matching criteria, but it is not working if criteria matches other than first row, please can have any change in the code eg: if value greater than 5 in the AF18 it is working, if AF18 has value less than 5 and below there are cell greater...
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    Restrict user from going to another sheet

    Hi, I have a workbook used by many user,sheet tab is hidden, from the home page user directed to concerned sheet by user id and pw throgh the Form and VBA. User cant see the another sheet, still they can use Find function search in workbook and reach to any sheet thy wish to. any solution...
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    changing sheet name in the formula on the change of dropdown

    Hi, I have below formula in E9, which is working fine. =SUMPRODUCT((george!B9:B28>=Report!H4)*('george'!B9:B28<=Report!K4)*('george'!H9:AE28="N")) i wanted to change sheet name in the formula automatically when i select sheet name in E4. Thanks Abdul
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    VBA to hide the row based on the selection in the dropdown.

    Hi, I want to Hide or Show rows based on criteria. I have a drop down selection in D4 in the sheet jimmy that allows to select date Dec-12 to Dec-16 (mmm-yy) This list corresponds with values in column in the range b9:b500 in the same sheet. I want to hide every row except for those where...
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    change in the VBA code for login in excel

    HI Friends, I have below code to login with user id and pw in excel. this work with only one user id, i have 5 user id and password which should take the user to different sheet with successfull login. eg: when login with user1, will take to sheet3 let the user do the update, when login with...
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    VBA for userid and pw in login in Excel

    Hi, I have work book using 5 different people, i wanted to have VBA to facilitate user id pw, eg:- when first user enter user id and pw success fully, automatically take to 1st sheet, when second user enter user id and pw successfully, take him to 2 nd sheet and update thing there and so on...
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    My name is Abdul, i am working in Dubai as Admin coordinater.
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    VBA code to change the format

    Dear Friends, I have data in excel sheet named LSR from A2:L3000 sample as below. i want to have a VBA code to change the data as below. please can i have help on this Data before changing FK PLATE NO Vehicle 23 1234DB toyota 23 98544DB ford 34 34322SW hyundai 21 34344TR nissan 451...
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    VBA Code to print PDF file automatic

    Hi, I have 500 PDF file saved in the Drive and want to print 300 file randomly, PDF file names with path address mentioned in the C3:C1500 of sheet named supporting(Eg:- C:PDFfileOct-11.pdf) , is there any macro or any other way to print all these files automatically. Thanks Abdul Jaleel