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  1. srinidhi

    Help in Excel Slicer

    Hope this helps
  2. srinidhi

    Help in Excel Slicer

    You need to insert a pivot table and then the slicer for it. Please post the full data to help you out.
  3. srinidhi

    Interview Tracker

    Hope this helps, full automated with Tables for data, Pivot for summary & slicer for date selection.
  4. srinidhi

    Making bank summary in excel.

    Hi, Kindly use the table on data if you have large dataset and updating frequently, Assuming there is a unique loan number, a pivot table is best suited for such cases. You can group the dates as quarters, and apply to the pivot table. Veh No Sum of Pinciple Sum of Interest A...
  5. srinidhi

    Use If function in projected rental revenue

    Hi, Your formulae is taking Jan to Jan as 1 year, that's why its showing the 1st year amount. Just changed the date to 31st Dec 2021, its showing correctly.
  6. srinidhi

    which formulae do i need to apply

    used =XLOOKUP(A2,status!C:C,status!B:B) , if you have office 365.
  7. srinidhi

    Formula assistance

    Hi, Have put table on the unsorted data and pivot from the table, you can use the pivot or you can VLOOKUP from the pivot to your desired sheet. Just refresh the pivot to get the newly added data.
  8. srinidhi

    which formulae do i need to apply

    Vlookup will get you the required results
  9. srinidhi

    Dynamic Generation of Col_Index_num based on selection

    Hi Excel Experts, I work with large data sets in excel and very frequently apply the Vlookup formula. In the Vlookup formula there is an parameter called Col_Index_num, where we key in the result column number. ex: Columns A:F, we key in as 6 , as need the result from F Column, this range...
  10. srinidhi

    VLookup with Multiple Values and Wild Card

    The solution I can think of is to extract the numbers from the text & concatenate them, concatenate the criteria as well, A Single Vlookup with give you the answer.
  11. srinidhi

    Number appears unreadable and last digit becomes zero

    Hi, Right click on the column, format cell and select numbers, hope this solves your problem.
  12. srinidhi

    Text Project

    Hi, I also face a similar situation in my work, I just apply the text to column and again concatenate on the relevant column(I sort on the last relevant column and then concatenate , like in your data the pain area is the Street No. and Name and the City. concatenate : 4515 North Silver...
  13. srinidhi

    Vlookup within a range multiple selection

    Hi, The weight and size needs to be under the parcel size so e.g. 4L and 4kg will fit within the second tier of $6.54 / $9.74. Even though 4L is under 12L, the weight pushes it into the next bracket. You are just looking at the L & not the weight, weight 4 Kg is above 3kg & below 5 Kg...
  14. srinidhi

    Conditional Filter

    Hi, I guess the best & the easier way is to apply Pivot table & use slicers for filtering. I have just shown a sample in the attached file. Kindly ref sheet2. The slicers can be rearranged & customized.
  15. srinidhi

    Need Help with Attendance Tracker

    HI, PFA the file, hope this is what you are looking for, if works on nested ifs. I have just added for JAN & FEB, please continue for rest of the months. In data you need to enter the data.
  16. srinidhi

    Sorting of data as groups as per the second column

    Hi, Hope this helps, it lists all the Material which uses the same resource. Its a simple pivot table
  17. srinidhi

    Some Advice Dashboard

    HI Kindly check the dashboard tab, it is a simple Pivot with Slicers, use the slicer to filter the designation.
  18. srinidhi

    Cost Greater Than the Average Cost

    HI, Hope this helps, If you want to color the difference, apply the CF
  19. srinidhi

    2 files -compare costs for same date and same person ID

    HI David, A simple vlookup with give you the desired solution.
  20. srinidhi

    Interactive Sales person Dashboard

    Attaching a sample data will we good.
  21. srinidhi

    Regarding Consolidation of Multiple Table with Item Value

    HI, If you need only a pivot table, you need to re-arrange the data & then apply pivot on it. Attached the file for your reference.
  22. srinidhi

    Rolling Total from the last entered column

    Thanks a ton Bosco
  23. srinidhi

    Rolling Total from the last entered column

    @ Bosco, thanks for the quick reply, I want the formula in N2 Column. Your formula works for Rows, I want it column wise. My data is from A2:M500 & the formula should be in N2 to N500. Uploading a sample file. Thanks
  24. srinidhi

    Rolling Total from the last entered column

    Hi, A:L column has months like April'16, may 16..........April 17. As of now the data is filled only from April - July. I want the rolling total for 4 months. When the data is entered for Aug, the formula should sum up from May to Aug. When the data is entered for Sept the formula should sum...
  25. srinidhi

    Pivot Table Field List

    @ Chihiro thanks for the quick updates. I agree with you its a design flaw. The space is very narrow. Actually I need to summarise around 15 fields month on month. So I was looking for a better way of doing it. Is there any better design or any another way of doing this task.