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  1. Sam Mathai Chacko

    Formula Challenge 024 - Sum Of Items Based On Hierarchy Level

    So we haven't had a new challenge in a while, so I thought I'll remind people that we have a section of the forum to pick your brains, by posting the following formula based challenge. I came across this in VBAExpress; so the credit for the question goes to the OP. So anyway, the challenge is...
  2. Sam Mathai Chacko

    Ribbon DatePicker Calendar Control For Excel 2007-2010

    So here's something that I did for fun some time back. My original work just had 3 rows for all the days of a month. I thought a gallery would be much better than a button. Brushed up some bits here and there. Feel free to give any feedback or suggestion. Apart from the feeling of sharing...
  3. Sam Mathai Chacko

    Dave Hawley From Ozgrid Passed Away

    Not sure how many already heard this news, but for those who know the name, Dave Hawley who was the owner of Ozgrid Business Application, and administrator at the Ozgrid Online Excel/VBA forum, has passed away. He was an exceptional Excel developer, and has been a great help to many wannabes and...