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  1. xlstime

    How to get result value of 2nd instance instead of 1st when using Vlookup or Index/match??

    Alternately, you can use helping column and apply running countif and then put formal vlookup with 2
  2. xlstime

    How to find the count containing multiple query

    Hi, You can create a pivot table for the same. please refer enclosed for your reference.
  3. xlstime

    Pls Help! i need to count multiple dates if multiple criteria met

    try this formula with ctrl+shft+enter (array formula) =SUM(IF($J$3:$J$6=K10,IF(K3:K6=$K$9,1,IF($L$3:$L$6=$K$9,1,0)),1))-1 let k9 = 25nov k10 = red
  4. xlstime

    #NUM! Error

    Hi Pushppreet, This is due to the feature of Small function if you investigate your formula output using f9. there is no 32nd numeric value in small function array 16 17 19 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 32 34 35 36 37 39 40 41 42 44 45 46 47 49 50 53 54 55 56 FALSE} FALSE ## ## ## ## FALSE ## ##...
  5. xlstime

    Pivot table referring to old data source

    one suggestion, you can make your pivot table dynamic or take reference from the table. For more information, please refer below Url to make the dynamic pivot table. http://excelpivots.com/excel/pivot_table_expanding_data_ranges/ s
  6. xlstime

    Separate numbers in a cell

    @elsmith9035768, For first value =INT(C3) for second value =VALUE(SUBSTITUTE((INT(C3)-D3),".",""))
  7. xlstime

    Date Format - Not Changing

    @Amt, Please use below formula to convert date =DATE(2000+RIGHT(A2,2),MID(A2,4,2),LEFT(A2,2)). This happens due to incorrect date format, there is two way to resolve this problem 1) change your system date format 2) use above formula
  8. xlstime

    I am back after long time :)

    I am back after long time :)
  9. xlstime


    Hi Sichil, seems this is complete project requirement, we are here to help or guide in any query or issue. request you to please try yourself and ask any query / issues in the while
  10. xlstime

    Excel Date Formula

    H, Hazra, For 1 - you can check with if condition (if the both values are same then result should be zero "0") For 2 - see condition formatting required True / false and values and your formula return blank and formula - sample formula =IF(the formula cell <0, 0,the formula cell) = 0 then x...
  11. xlstime

    How to get rid off some symbols permanently in my excel sheet?

    Hi SONJOE, You can you IFERROR to handle this error
  12. xlstime

    Text Extractions

    Hi ysherriff, if the "S:\SPandA\Aegis\Clinical\DOR CJR Logs\Reports\" is static than you can refer below formula =LEFT(RIGHT(A1,(LEN(A1)-46)),FIND("\",RIGHT(A1,(LEN(A1)-46)))-1)
  13. xlstime

    allocate average by vlooking up dates

    Hi, Already shared the required formula, please check
  14. xlstime

    Delete files in folder; keep last file of each day

    Hi Demento, You can try enclosed file.
  15. xlstime

    allocate average by vlooking up dates

    Hi ALAMZEB, Seems your sample set (desire out is incorrect). Please see this formula hope this will work =AVERAGEIFS(INDEX($I$3:$U$7,MATCH($A4,$I$3:$I$7,0),0),$I$3:$U$3,">="&C4,$I$3:$U$3,"<="&D4)
  16. xlstime

    running total

    Hi Pradeep, Can you please explain your query little more, do you want to update same cell (A1) every day and do you want to cumulative in cell B1. Than there is no way to achieve this with this. you have to maintain historical data or use VBA but VBA is also will not be able to help you...
  17. xlstime

    Sending Email from excel which cell value/text change

    NO, as you mentioned in your last post contains "ESC", the code should not send email then And Range("A1").Value = "Missing" And Range("B1").Value <> "ABC"
  18. xlstime

    Need help with this

    Oops attachment missing - p
  19. xlstime

    Need help with this

    Hi Sam, This could be a lengthy process to track every transaction to next translation age, to identify this you have check track every next transaction date and then calculate age between dates. if you want to find out first transaction v/s first repeat then you can refer enclosed file. thnks
  20. xlstime

    Working with External Data

    Hi GB, Hope headers name does not change and those are unique name, if yes, than you can use get column address using match function and than you can make your formula dynamic.
  21. xlstime

    Excel Column and Row data

    Can you please upload some sample sheet with desire output
  22. xlstime

    Sending Email from excel which cell value/text change

    Hi Ratish, Please modify below code in VBA editor. If Target.Address = Range("a1").Address _ And Range("A1").Value = "Missing" And Range("B1").Value <> "" Then MsgBox "Email processing...please wait"
  23. xlstime

    Sum Product not giving result

    Hi Thomas, You can handle you error through IFERROR formula use below formula with ctrl+shft+enter =SUMPRODUCT(IFERROR($A$1:$AK$1="Motor",0)*IFERROR($A$2:$AK$2="AP",0)*IFERROR($A$3:$AK$4,0))
  24. xlstime

    Create dynamic list of candidates

    you'r welcome!..
  25. xlstime

    Transpose vertical values to horizontal

    Me with still Index match :p:p E2=INDEX($M$7:$Q$10,MATCH($A2,$M$7:$M$10,0),MATCH($D2,$M$7:$Q$7,0)) and drag