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    Hello .. Introduce yourself

    My name is Marty. I am a Business Analyst for a national homebuilder. I consider myself to be average in Excel and above average in willingness to experiment and get my hands dirty in the application. After using it for over 10 years, i still feel that i have just scratched the surface of what...
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    linking workbooks (paste link): #n/a randomly appearing

    Thanks for the quick response. Happy to provide more detail. The source is a range of cells copied and pastelinked into the destination. The cell addresses are identical to the source. In the destination, some cells are locked while others are not. Also the worksheet is protected. This...
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    linking workbooks (paste link): #n/a randomly appearing

    I am attempting to link multiple workbooks to a single source. utilizing the pastelink feature, most content pastes/updates successfully. Some cells display #n/a even though some adjoining cells in the same range do not have this issue. i am starting to feel like Chris farley in Tommy Boy...