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    Creating a field and a button to highlight a building in a scatter plot

    You do not need to use a button or any macro type manipulation. In one cell insert a list (via data validation) with all the possible buildings. Then create a dummy that will indicate #N/A if the building is not the one selected and the XY value of this building if it is the good one. It...
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    Pick from various list

    To access another worksheet with data validation, you should use names. You can create a first listbox with the name of your six lists, then create a dynamic name that select the correct list depending of the entry in the first listbox. I think that there are a lot of very good example of...
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    Percentage calculation problems [SOLVED]

    You should use the following formula : =(A2-A1)/ABS(A1). So if the difference between A2 and A1 is above (below) zero, the % will be greater (lower) than 0.