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    MS Word macro to pull customer IDs from table

    Hi I am trying to develope a bit of code. So the purpose of the code is to open up word templates, find all of the alternative customer IDs for a given customer and return the values into Excel. The problem I have is not knowing how to make VBA recognise the end of a table. My word vba skills...
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    VBA to convert .pdf to .txt

    Hi All I have a problem at work where a lot of files I require in an excel format are already saved as PDFs, and the original excel files have been deleted (and are not retrievable). If this was just for a couple of files, I would manually convert these files into text (so that I can then...
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    Simple VBA - insert new row underneath selected cell/row?

    Hi Just a simple VBA request. I need a bit of code that tells excel to insert a new row underneath the cell that i've selected; let's say I have selected cell A100, I need to press a macro to insert a new row underneath this cell, so a row A101 will have been created (or a new row A101 and...
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    Charting events

    Hi All I have been looking into charting events to come up with a solution for my problem. I have an interactive dashboard, Chandoo style, and I want it so that when I click on a bar in a bar chart, a pie chart pops up with subsequent information about that bar. So if that bar was a total of...
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    How to countif when there are duplicate values [SOLVED]

    HI I am currently working with a database which has a bunch of different columns: http://i.imgur.com/WXiV1D1.png Now I need to count how many jobs were received, under two conditions: Month (col 6) & Site_Code (col 3). I did a simple countif to count how many jobs were listed under these...
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    Simple VBA code, anyone? [SOLVED]

    Hi I am pretty new to writing code. I am trying to achieve something on my dashboard. The Logic goes as follows: If Cells B4,C4, or D4 are selected, then zoom in 120%. If cells T3 or T15 are selected, then zoom in 120% AND scroll right 15 columns. If cells B17 or B30 are selected, then zoom...
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    Data Validation Zoom VBA (need scroll added)

    Hi I am working on a dashboard and have a few data validation drop down lists on it. The problem is that when I click on the drop down list, the font is so tiny that its hard to read, and therefore not user friendly. I found this code online to help my problem, what it does is zoom into the...
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    Interactive bar chart - pie chart

    Hi I would like to be able to click on a bar from a bar chart, then a pie chart pops up somewhere to show the relevant data. A better explanation: A bar chart could show sales in a shop - lets say there are 3 bars on the chart - one for drinks, one for food and one for magazines. If I click...
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    Index help please! [SOLVED]

    Hi I have a problem here which im sure somebody will know the solution to: http://i.imgur.com/WOgT9Hm.png If you look at the image, amongst this table, there are different reference numbers. Two different letters get sent out amongst the same reference numbers - one in print and one in...
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    Data labels on interactive charts [SOLVED]

    Hi I am currently using Chandoos method of interactive graphs of having tables that populate to #NA for undesired values on the chart. So if i click january as the month, then all other months and values would go to #NA in the tables, so that the graph only shows Januarys values. Now the...