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  1. Deepak

    How to Do HDR Photography… Using Microsoft Excel

    Sound interesting... https://petapixel.com/2018/01/06/hdr-photography-using-microsoft-excel/
  2. Deepak

    Multiple Worksheet Change Event With Data Validation

    Hi, While doing some excelling i came to this question which had also puzzled me many times. Can i have your valuable feedback on the same. Why the multiple event [How may times tried to wrong entry in a DV cell before actual] is raised since the cell is not actually changed. It is almost...
  3. Deepak


    Hello all, Even being sick i couldn't resist myself to share it , hope it will worth that. http://moschampionship.com/ The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship presented by Certiport, Inc. is a global competition that tests students’ skills on Microsoft Office Word, Excel® and...
  4. Deepak

    Quick Tips

    To Share a tiny methods which facilitates itself with large tasks. You are also welcomed to share the tips... Merge Multiple txt/csv files if they having the same layouts. Open notepad & copy below code to it. copy *.txt all.txt copy *.csv all.csv Now Save it to as copy.bat in same...
  5. Deepak

    Interesting/Useful _VBA/Excel links over the internet

    Dear readers, Under the subject, i will share what's i find useful or important for me or someone's. You are also welcome to share the thing under the hood which would be useful at par. Pls be noted that, only subject links will be entertained & rest others would be flushed without any delay...
  6. Deepak

    A2Z guide for control listbox

    This link might be helpful to understand the basics of control listbox. http://wellsr.com/vba/2016/excel/complete-guide-to-excel-vba-form-control-listboxes/
  7. Deepak

    What's new Functions in Excel

    Pls note that these new functions are only available to Office 365 subscribers. For more info visit the following link. https://goo.gl/2Baobj A comprehensive guide about the new xl functions. https://goo.gl/SztULi
  8. Deepak

    Count the Records

    Hi all, Hope, You are doing good! Your lovable solution are welcomed in attached file where we need to count the unique records based on the following condition.. Each count should only be max 100. Either Each doc [col C] should be 100 or doc [col C] & FN&SN [col A&B] combination should be...
  9. Deepak

    Happy Birth Day Asheesh !!!

    @Asheesh On behalf or our community, I am extending warm wishes on the beautiful day of your life.
  10. Deepak

    How to make over $1,000,000 with Excel tutorials – Chandoo

    Here is an exclusive interview with @r1c1 arranged by mixergy.com. http://mixergy.com/interviews/purna-duggirala-chandoo/
  11. Deepak

    Chandoo's path to awesomeness creativity

    Here's something which may one's hope to get the entire articles which has been published on chandoo's awesomeness venture. http://chandoo.org/wp/archives/ These are roomed in up heal order as well as by month and category too.:awesome: So, just: filter{archives,what u looking for} :)
  12. Deepak

    Shortcut to Function Keys

    Excel function keys in tabular format! http://www.exceltrick.com/how_to/excel-function-keys-shortcuts/ One by one guide to each key with their combination as well. http://wmfexcel.com/2015/09/19/what-the-function-keys-do-in-excel/
  13. Deepak

    Today! Luke's day of beginning [Happy Birthday]

    Many many happy returns of the day!!
  14. Deepak

    Data Distribution with multiple sheets [Split Excel]

    I am using attached code to distribute data form 1 sheet to 1 sheet of another workbook. Is it possible to distribute the same as multiple sheets to multiple sheets of another wordbook!!! http://1drv.ms/1eEMmug or http://goo.gl/Co976i