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    Forum Avatar ????

    Hello All, I've just changed my mail in my profile and my avatar changed to this "ugly" angry face. CAn't find any way to cahnge it back? Can anyone help me ? Cyril
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    Advanced Data Validation : 3 columns

    Hello all, I've used the tip shown in a great Chandoo post here I wanted 3 columns instead of 2. I've managed to create the data validation formula for the 3rd column, but I've noticed that the 2nd one contains multiple identical lines. How can I remove all these lines from this second...
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    EXCEL 2007 - How to stop an area before the end ???

    Hello all, I want to use a mixer Bar/Area graph to show the budget/consumption progression over time. I have the following table : month Actual Cumulative Jan 2 =IF(RC[-1]=""; ""; RC[-1]+R[-1]C) ==> 2 Feb 3 =IF(RC[-1]="&#34...
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    Content of names changed automatically to something wrong

    Hello all, I'm a bit afraid with this one. In a shared workbook, I've defined a bunch of names, refering to columns in some sheets. When I open the file, the names refers to the values I've entered. When I click on a tab sheet, the references changes to something wrong. Let me...
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    How to count values in a column matching multiple criterias

    Hello All, I'm a big fan of sumproduct formula but I'm a bit stuck with this one. I have a column of persons from a database in column A, representing people in teams. I have a list of people in one of the teams in column B I want to count the number of time the people in column B apperas...
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    How to detect formulas in cells (without VBA)

    Hello, I want to conditional format cells that contains no formula in a table (all other cells contains formulas). This will help me finding breaks in my Still-to-do lists. I cannot use VBA (otherwise I'd tested against range.formula() in a function. Any thought ?
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    Pivot talbe and calculed elements

    Hello all, I have the following table and I want to summarize it in a Pivot Table, adding some calculated elements. Item Function Status Item1 Func1 OK Item1 Func2 NOK Item2 Func3 {empty} I have created a Pivot Table like this # Status OK NOK...
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    How to highlight text in formulaes

    Hello all. When i enter Some text in a cell I can Bold or underline some part of it. My question is : Is it possible in text calculated by a formula ? I Want to highlight status in The tweetboard in my gantt xls file
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    Switch between number formats in Conditionnal Formating

    Hello all, I want to conditional format a range of cell in "Short Date" or "Standard" if the condition is "Day" or "Week". When I select "Day" the format is OK, but when I switch to Week the format stays in "Short Date". I need to press F2 then enter to see the number format. Any clue ...
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    Showing Wingdings font in data validation dropdown lists

    Hello, I want to achieve what Chandoo did in the following post http://chandoo.org/wp/2009/06/16/gantt-charts-project-management/ The status dropdown is filled with symbol. I've made a validation list refering to cells A1:A6, formatted with "wingdings" font, but all I see is the "normal...
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    Pivot Table problem.

    Hello, I'm using a pivot table with a filtered row list (suppressed empty labels). My question is how do I automatically add new label to my table when the originating data changes. Thanks for your help. Cyirl
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    Extending tables with formulae (another topic)

    Hello, I'm found of the ability to automatically change a formula in a table and the way all cells below reflet the change. This is great. Unfortunately, I have removed a formula in a column, which was reported correctly below, but now, everytime I add line by moving the tick the formula...
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    Using Tables with formulaes

    Hello, I'm using excel tables with formulaes in some column. The table looks like this (formula shown): A B C 1 AAA 1 =A1 & "-" & B1 2 AAA =A2 & "-" & B2 3 BBB 3 =A3 & "-" & B3 The table is defined with the range A1:C3. When I insert a line...
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    Validating data with a list (formatting list question)

    Happy new year to all, especially Chandoo with his "upgraded" familly :-) I want to allow the user to select a value in a list for a range of cells, but I want the list to be displayed the following way : CODE1 - Explanation 1 CODE2 - Explanation 2 ... Codex is the value in the cell...
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    Graphics : Sharing Data on Facebook

    http://mashable.com/2009/07/20/facebook-sharing-data/ I think this one is an ugly pie-chart. I spent 5 minutes guessing where's Facebook.
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    Question about import.

    Hello everybody here at PHD. I'm a bit stuck with Date format while importing CSV files, and / or copying the data. Here's what I try to do. Consider 2 bug defect systems capable to export to CSV (tab separated). The structure of the data is like this : System 1 : Bug ID1 / Author /...