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  1. Debraj

    How VLOOKUP works!!

    Hi Team, curious to know.. how VLOOKUP works.. or whats the flowchart to get the answer.. When data is not sorted. Range LookUp set as TRUE. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78831150/2014-08-16_0933.swf
  2. Debraj

    Happy Independence Day to all Indian users..

    Wish you a very Happy Independence Day..
  3. Debraj

    Column & Step Line Combo Chart

    Hi Team, Two parameter : CSAT Survey Count & CSAT Average Score, I want to plot Count as Column Chart (Primary) and Average as Step Line Chart (Secondary). So that I can show the Customer Satisfaction level more clearly. Just a glimpse below.. how the final chart should look like.. PS...
  4. Debraj

    Save a customized user form as a default user form.

    I have created a customized user form.. nothing just company logo at top right and theme color for form.. and a company hyperlink. Saving the frm file.. and import everytime is not a big task.. but.. just like sheet1 / book1.. is there any default location to save the frm file.. So that...
  5. Debraj

    Somendra 2K Mishra

    Congrats.. buddy.. @Somendra Misra Thanks for all support & effort to this forum.. Congratulation Debraj For completing 1year as a Ninja.. :) http://chandoo.org/forum/threads/congratulations-debraj-excel-ninja.10622/ PS: @myself.. work hard.. you are too slow.. :(
  6. Debraj

    How to lookup in merge cell

    Hi Forum, Can someone, help me to create a Drag-able Formula for the below situation.. :( PS: No.. you are wrong.. MERGE CELL is most important thing in the world to LIVE..
  7. Debraj

    How to Lock a workbook and make it secured

    Hi Folks! Today I faced a weird excel file (xls) When I tried open, it says.. "The file type you are trying to open is not recognizable.... would you like to recover..!" Then its open normally.. but I cant copy anything from this file. If I open a new workbook.. and tried to lookup.. like =a1...
  8. Debraj

    Productivity Picto graph

    Hi Team. Lets say, I need to demonstrate Productivity of a member. * In Jan-13, he was working on approx 5 reports, and he is taking avg 7 hour to complete all the reports. So, I have his, # of Report and Total time taken. As his experience increase, Now he is working on approx 8 reports, but...
  9. Debraj

    R or Minitab !! (are they better than Excel Analytical Tool Pack??)

    I am planning to learn some analytical skill.. :oops:(frankly speaking.. my company wants/forcing me to go for it.. :( ) Although, in term of regression, co-relation, histogram.. i give them better output than my colleagues having knowledge of R / Minitab.. still.. if any one here from...
  10. Debraj

    Activex Control Object's changing Height & Width

    Hi forum, I don't know, is this problem in my system, or its with other also.. My object's on the sheet are changing its size, Can anyone, suggest me any properties, to set objects Widsth & Height fixed.. All goggling are showing code to set Width & Height in worksheet change or sheet...
  11. Debraj

    Weight Scale Chart - FunChart

    Hi Folks, Hope you may find it interesting.. :) Just few basic Math calculation.. and few use of plotting right AXIS on RIGHT side.. and secondary Plot to match accordingly.. Let me know, if you find it interesting and need more details.. PS: looking for your suggestion.. on how to make...
  12. Debraj

    Stacked bar Chart with Base Data

    Hi Forum, Need a 100% Stacked Column Chart Need to add data label like 40% & 60% for each series Need to Display Total No Of Post in Right Axis or Secondary Axis PS: Feel free to change chart type.. If required. Sample file 7 expected Output attached..
  13. Debraj

    How to recognise a formula is Normal Formula or Array Formula

    Hi Team, Is this possible to select * Special Cell > Formula > Contain ArrayFormula. I mean something like.. if left(.formula) = "{" then IsArrayFormula = True For example, If A4 = "=SUM(A1:A2)" and A5 = "{=SUM(A1:A2)}" then I want to select A5 only..
  14. Debraj

    Excel Artist - Shukeiart

    Another platform for those who love Excel.. :oops: you can visit his channel on youtube, for more videos.. http://www.youtube.com/user/Shukeiart
  15. Debraj

    User Form Title (Caption) Left Alignment

    Hi Forum, How to align User Form Caption as Left Alignment.. Actual : Expected: I have seen, few form's caption as Left Alignment.. but which property need to change... PS: obviously, Expected Image is activated by Photoshop :)
  16. Debraj

    Nostalgia.. Lotus 1-2-3

  17. Debraj

    Full Registrations for ModelOff 2013 NOW OPEN

    Do we have any participant... then BEST OF LUCK You can share.. your.. thought or preparation or expected question.. in this thread.. ____ for more detail visit http://www.modeloff.com/ ____ ModelOff competitors will first battle it out in Round 1, a 2 hour online contest held simultaniously...
  18. Debraj

    Thanks to all

    [list type=decimal] To all.. for posting your queries. To all.. for giving huge range of validation & combination to play with. To all.. for giving countless types of Excel Question.. to solve. To all.. for showing solution for a single problem.. with many ways. To all.. for showing each...
  19. Debraj

    How to write EVALUATE with FormulaArray

    Hi Excelian, Can someone please help me to write any EVALUATE function.. with Ctrl + Shift + Enter.. i.e.. Sub EvaluateWithCSE() Set SD = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("SalesData") lr = Cells(1, 1).CurrentRegion.Rows.Count lc = Cells(1, 1).CurrentRegion.Columns.Count '---- 'Want to...
  20. Debraj


    NO THIS IS NOT A SPAM... Holi is an ancient festival of India and was originally known as 'Holika'. Legends and Mythology In some parts of India, specially in Bengal and Orissa, Holi Purnima is also celebrated as the birthday of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (A.D. 1486-1533). However, the...
  21. Debraj

    LookUp using Multiple Condition

    Hi Excelopedians, Can someone please help me to create a drag-able FORMULA to get Margin.. via multiple Condition.. * Each Vendor has only one type of MARGIN decider (MRP or BRICK or TAX Code) * According to Margin decider, I need to get MARGIN for the VENDOR.. i.e Vendor 1 (Chandoo) 's...
  22. Debraj

    Repeating items a specific number of times in loop

    Hi Friends, Can someone help to create a Formula, for repeating Items a Specific Number of times, in loop.. Z 5 Y 2 X 1 W 4 then Z 5 Times, Y 2 Times.... but in series expected output Z Y X W Z Y W Z W Z W Z Regards, Deb PS: Cross-post @...
  23. Debraj

    Set Default Find Within : Workbook

    Hi Folks, Can anyone have any Tweak or RegEdit to set Default Find > Option > Within > Workbook.. I mean.. is there any option to set Application.Find("Something", LookAt:= xlWhole) .. as default for my system.. Its really annoying to set Search Within Workbook...
  24. Debraj

    How to select Multiple Sheet at once VBA

    Hi Friends, I am unable to select Multiple Sheets at once. I don't know, where I am missing something, but its just ruining my day :( Main Problem is in ShtAry (Array Of Sheet). Its adding Sheets to array. I can check the same at Immediate window by ? ShtAry(78).Name But Unable to select...