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  1. Grumpy88

    Index and Match formula with multiple matches

    Hi. In the attached workbook, I have three columns of numbers. I am looking for a formula please that will arrange column B in descending order, but always moving the accompanying row value in column C as well when it resorts the order. Where two successive values in column B are the same...
  2. Grumpy88

    Need help with a formula please

    Hi. I am struggling to create a formula that will track the first occurrence of a given name, but always in conjunction with a further cell value, and would really appreciate someone devising a formula-based solution that I have been unable to find. Please see the attached spreadsheet. I have...
  3. Grumpy88

    Finding second (and subsequent) occurrences of matches

    Hi. Please see the attached sample from a much larger Excel database that I am running. I need to extract all of the teams that each player has appeared for (as compiled from the Appearances tab), and list them in columns B - G on the Summary tab. I can determine the first occurrence easily...
  4. Grumpy88

    Formula to sum in one column only for those rows with matching data in another column

    Hi all. I am looking for the correct function to use that will add the values present in a number of rows in the same column, but only if those rows share the same value in another column. For example, Column A has a number of values, each of which repeat down several rows, while Column B has...
  5. Grumpy88

    Formula to differentiate between multiple similar results

    Hi all. I need help creating a formula please, which will not get hung up only on the first instance of a number if there are multiple instances of that same number. I have a list of names in column A and a list of scores in column B, and am trying to get a formula to list the scores from...
  6. Grumpy88

    Select the correct row in a table

    Hi all. What is the easiest way to get Excel to use the result of a formula to find the correct row in a table, and then copy the cell contents of a cell in that table row? In short, I need it to look at a formula result (e.g. "L17), find the specific row in a table that has "L17", and then...
  7. Grumpy88

    Looking for formula to determine time elapsed between dates

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet database consisting of a series of events, each of which has a unique identifying number and a date. I also have a list of names of people who have attended these events. Is there a formula anyone can give me that will allow me quickly to determine the longest periods...
  8. Grumpy88

    Copying and pasting numbers as text

    Hi. Getting very frustrated and would really appreciate some help from the Excel ninja gurus please! I have an Excel 2010 spreadsheet being used as a database, which includes inter alia a range of columns containing numbers. When originally entering the data I left blank cells in these...
  9. Grumpy88

    Lost my Excel ribbon for embedded spreadsheet

    Hi. I have embedded thousands of fully-functional Excel spreadsheets into Word documents over the years, but have now suddenly hit a blank. For no rhyme or reason though, when I now double-click an embedded spreadsheet I suddenly am no longer getting the usual Excel ribbon displayed. Can't...
  10. Grumpy88

    VBA code needed for copying checkbox captions to clipboard

    Hi all. I have create a UserForm with 47 checkboxes on it, each obviously with a different caption, as well as a textbox for user free text entry. The requirement is that a user enters text (a policy number) into the text box, selects however many of the checkboxes apply to it and then clicks...
  11. Grumpy88

    Excel 2010 / 2013 conflict with embedded spreadsheets?

    Hi. Need some advice please. I have a Word document that contains numerous embedded Excel spreadsheets. When I try to edit the content of these embedded spreadsheets, I get the error message "The program used to create this object is Excel. That program is either not installed on your...
  12. Grumpy88

    Range of cells for use in SUMPRODUCT formula

    Hi. I have a current SUMPRODUCT formula in a spreadsheet that is working adequately, but due to also being nested in a series of IF formulas, it is cumbersome and not very flexible. I now wish to amend it to incorporate new selection criteria, but have run into issues with the number of...
  13. Grumpy88

    Creating an Excel timesheet

    Hi. I am struggling to create a timesheet with formulas in Excel that will keep a running debit / credit time balance for myself. I am using the TIME function to factor my 45-minute Lunch hour into the the end time less the start time calculation, in order to determine the total number of...
  14. Grumpy88

    Power Pivot issue?

    Hi. I downloaded and installed the Power Pivot add-in for Excel 2010, but thereafter I couldn't seem to embed editable Excel spreadsheets into Word documents anymore (which is a very important functionality to me). Is this a known Power Pivot issue, or did I do something wrong? Thanks.
  15. Grumpy88

    Need help with a formula for a pivot table to pick up

    Hi. I need some help with the attached extract from an Excel database please: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92056659/Database.xlsm This is part of a much larger database tracking club cricket player performances. What I specifically need is a way for the "Indiv Fielding Pivot Table"...
  16. Grumpy88

    Formula for differentiating between integers and numbers with decimal places

    Hi. I have a column of numbers, some of which are whole numbers and others of which have one decimal place. Is there a formula that I can apply to the entire column that will differentiate between the two number types, and then work differently with each type (I am thinking formula-based...
  17. Grumpy88

    Formula that checks for duplicates, and then indicates first occurrence

    Hi. Can anyone assist please? I have a column full of names (call it Column A), many of which are duplicated many times over. Can anyone come up with a formula that I can place in the column alongside (Column B), which will a) search Column A for any duplicate entries that match the name in...
  18. Grumpy88

    Need to overcome a data validation dropdown list restriction

    Hi. Shrivallabha was kind enough to help me in my previous post "Need a COUNT formula with multiple AND and OR criteria" with solving my issue to develop a formula that counts the number of records in a table that simultaneously complies with multiple compulsory and optional criteria. To...
  19. Grumpy88

    Need a COUNT formula with multiple AND and OR criteria

    Hi. I need a formula that will count the number of records in a table that simultaneously complies with two different compulsory as well as either one of two optional criteria. In other words, it must count the number of records in which the Product ="Endowment" AND the Branch ="Cape Town"...
  20. Grumpy88

    Need a formula to calculate a progressive average without manual intervention

    Hi all. I can't upload a sample file, so hopefully the following explanation will suffice for a solution to be forthcoming from someone here. I have a spreadsheet where row 33 contains month-by-month totals for 2011 (cells B33: M33 for Jan to Feb), while cells B34:M34 do the same in row 34...
  21. Grumpy88

    Need a way to summarise data from several worksheets into one place

    Hi. I have created a fairly large Excel "database" that consists of several worksheets, each containing a different type of data about the same people. There is also a fair degree of overlap between the worksheets due to generic info that appears on all of the worksheets (i.e. the same...