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  1. Debraj

    SUM IF S formula help

    Try something like this.. =SUMPRODUCT(D2:D2194*(C2:C2194="A")*(A2:A2194="Payment")*(MONTH(B2:B2194)=1))
  2. Debraj

    Excel 2003-2010

    Are you sure.. you have uploaded the correct file, As i am unable to find mentioned formula anywhere in the file.. =SUMPRODUCT((M$4:M$23=M4)*(L$4:L$23>L4)) and everything looks fine..
  3. Debraj

    Look UP Formula

    Cross posted and Solved.. http://www.excelforum.com/excel-general/1063986-look-up-formula.html Please stop CROSS POSTING
  4. Debraj

    Return Data from table

    Glad that it works.. I am basically asking.. why only 3 data.. not other duration are there..!!
  5. Debraj

    Return Data from table

    Did you tried.. =INDEX('Daily Light'!B2:O26,MATCH(Information!$C13,'Daily Light'!A2:A26),MATCH(Information!C11,'Daily Light'!B1:O1,0)) PS.. Do you have any valid reason.. why data validation is from sheet 2..
  6. Debraj

    Congratulations Narayan 10,000 Posts

    Its an pleasure to share the same platform with you.. A big salute for all your help for this community..
  7. Debraj

    filter combobox based on another combobox

    Hi Afarag.. subba khair.. Can you please test this one..
  8. Debraj

    Problem with Countif and Sumif

    Hi.. Welcome to the forum.. In case of Count.. You can use Countifs.. =COUNTIFS($B$9:$D$20,$F9) and in case of Sum.. Try this.. =SUM(MMULT(TRANSPOSE(IFERROR(MATCH($B$9:$D$20,F9,0),0)),$A$9:$A$20)) Confirm the formula by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter.. Not Just Enter..
  9. Debraj

    Excel Area Chart a possible?

    Hi Gerhard.. As you have already got the overlap issue.. here is a solution.. http://peltiertech.com/area-chart-invert-if-negative/ Try to adapt.. or let us know..
  10. Debraj

    #REF Error with Index & nested Match Formula

    Hi Amanda.. Welcome to the forum.. try this.. In H2.. =IF(INDEX(Payment[Paid Date],MATCH([@Invoice],Payment[REFERENCE],0))=0,"",INDEX(Payment[Paid Date],MATCH([@Invoice],Payment[REFERENCE],0)))
  11. Debraj

    Need to sum data as per value define

    if you can sort the table.. then it will be much easier to sum.. like this. =SUMPRODUCT(LOOKUP(D2:D19,A2:B6))
  12. Debraj

    Congratulations Somendra Misra 4,000 Posts

    Congrats Somu.. Keep guiding... :)
  13. Debraj

    Average Between Dates & Exclude 0

    Its AverageIfS You can add many more validation in the same.. =AVERAGEIFS($I$11:$I$486,$B$11:$B$486,">="&M6,$B$11:$B$486,"<="&N6,$I$11:$I$486,">0") and regarding Processing speed.. much faster than SUMPRODUCT.. and long range..
  14. Debraj

    Scrolling Shape

    Hi Portucale.. To float the same using SCROLL is lil bit difficult, you may have to use CLASS / API to track scroll movement.. However, if Selection change, it can be done.. Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Dim r As Range Set r = ActiveWindow.VisibleRange.Cells(1...
  15. Debraj

    Hi all, how to get all the features in format control (i.e control ) while using scroll bar

    As per your picture... Design Mode is ON.. that means.. you have to follow.. HUI's 2nd option.. Click here..
  16. Debraj

    Hi all, how to get all the features in format control (i.e control ) while using scroll bar

    try to delete all the *.exd files from below mentioned location.. http://datapigtechnologies.com/blog/index.php/office-update-breaks-activex-controls/
  17. Debraj

    Microsoft patch KB3013126 - VBA error 424

    Hi .. Welcome to the forum.. it must be "HotTopic" after update.. http://datapigtechnologies.com/blog/index.php/office-update-breaks-activex-controls/ try to delete .exd files from mentioned location.. and let us know.. if its still not working..
  18. Debraj

    Data Validation - List with Indirect and regular cell/constant value

    Hi Amanda, How about adding an extra cell (at the top of the Dynamic Validation list.. If B1, is a Name, from Sheet2!A1:A7, why not adding a cell at A2..
  19. Debraj

    add new rows

    In short.. NO..
  20. Debraj

    Vlookup queston

    Check the attached.. Let us know .. if this is acceptable..
  21. Debraj

    Function SumIntervalCols sometimes returns #value

    YES.. (#Value) is basically for Non-Numeric data's Thanks for the feedback..
  22. Debraj

    Function SumIntervalCols sometimes returns #value

    Can you please test this one.. Function SumIntervalCols(WorkRng As Range, interval As Integer) As Double Dim arr As Variant Dim total As Double Dim j As Double total = 0 arr = WorkRng.Value For j = interval To UBound(arr, 2) Step interval If IsNumeric(arr(1, j)) Then total = total + arr(1...
  23. Debraj

    Calculate Pi by throwing Hotdogs!

    Hui.. its awesome .. masterpiece..