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Search results for query: Excel 2007

  1. M

    opening an excel 2007 worksheet in excel 2013 without losing conditional formatting

    I have a spreadsheet created in excel 2007 and want to open it in excel 2013 . But I get this message: "We found a problem with some content in excel 2013. Do you want us to recover as much as we can ? If you trust the source of this workbook, click " YES " . Clicking "YES " , the spreadsheet...
  2. V

    Excel 2007 to pdf macro

    Hi Team, Help required from our team. Need vba macro to save excel sheet range("A1:D30") to PDF document using Excel 2007 version. Treat it as little bit urgent pls. Regards venkat
  3. A

    Macro not working in excel 2007

    Dear All the below macro not working in excel 2007, please help Function zCountif(rng, cell) Application.Volatile Set zRange = rng Set zCell = cell zValue = cell.Value zFontColor = zCell.Font.Color zCellColor = zCell.Interior.Color zCountif = 0 On Error Resume Next For Each cell In zRange...
  4. S

    Creating Horizontal Line in Excel Graphs (Office 2007)

    Hello, I have been trying to add a horizontal line (Target) for an existing graph in Excel. I have done this in the past using Office 2011, 2013 & 2016. However for some reason the steps i am using is not working in 2007. Any help is much appreciated. Please find attached for details. Thanks...
  5. E

    VBA code working in Excel 2007/2010 but not in Excel 2013/2016

    I have written code in VBA Excel 2007.It is working fine in Excel 2010.But not in Excel 2013. The problem I have found out is switching between the active workbooks. My sequence of operation is as follows. 1.Open main workbook "report.xlsb" 2.It will pop up a form which takes user name and...
  6. S

    Forecast formula in excel 2007

    Dear Friends, I have two files, one that I got from microsoft's portal & downloaded, other one is my own workbook (demo) where am working. Issue is the downloaded file is carrying "Forecasting chart" along with its sheet which is generated using excel 2016. What I want that I need the same...
  7. C

    The Art of Excel Charting - 2007 Post

    Hi all! I found this great post about an alternate way to visualize data and was wondering if anyone can help me understand the formula that returns a 1 or 0 depending on the source cell. Why is the formula multiplying by 10, adding 11, and multiplying by 0 or 1? What does adding (-1)^ do to...
  8. Eloise T

    Currency format conundrum or is it an Excel 2007 bug?

    Reference the attached Excel file. Note how the Currency format is different between cells H2 and H3. Here's the problem: Highlight both cells, then right click and select Format Cells… Next select Currency. The first option under Negative numbers… should already be highlighted in blue. Next...
  9. S

    Reference a whole column Excel 2007

    Hello, Is it possible to reference a whole column in a function? For example, in VLookup, my table array to be columns A:D, without specifying Rows. Thanks, Shay
  10. S

    Excel 2007 Nested IF Formula

    ...Most of the other returns are a certain number of days added to a date value in a specific cell. So again the main problem is how do I add a number of days to a fixed date. I am using Excel 2007 btw. If anyone can help me that would be great I've been trying to figure this out for a week now
  11. Nitesh Khot

    Excel 2007 : How to show unique count in excel pivot table

    Hi.., I am using excel 2007 and I want to show unique count against emp..ie. column A contain Emp Name and B contains city (lots of duplicity in city),..If I pivot these value then it showing exact count of city not Distinct unique count... How to do this using VBA or Formula.. Thanks
  12. Nitesh Khot

    How to Disable Tab from Excel 2007

    Hi.., I am looking code to disable Home, Insert , Data tab to be disabled when workbook open.. is there any code to to do this .. Thanks in advance..
  13. M

    Getting error while running a macro after upgrading excel 2007 to 2013 version

    Hi, Narayan Sir created a macro in the year 2012 (to copy data into main file from many other excel files - consolidation). The macro was running perfectly in 2005 and 2007 version, but excel is upgraded to 2013 version as per organisation's policy. Now I am getting error while running the...
  14. A

    Compatibility Checker in Excel 2007-2013

    Hi I have .xls & .xlsx files when i open .xls file in Excel 2010 then show Compatibility Checker message box i want to avoid this every file pls tell me any option for this Plesae tell me how to do this
  15. S

    Notepad to Convert to excel 2007

    Dear Sir, I have attached Notepad file copied from excel, but I wanted to convert into excel in PDF attached format can you please advice for the same.
  16. G

    Macro in excel 2007

    Hi I am trying to write a macro in excel 2007 and am not having much luck. I enter data into Sheet1 of a workbook. The data is not in adjoining cells or columns. I want to print this sheet, then copy the data to sheet3 (in the same workbook) and then clear all the data in sheet1. I can do a...
  17. chirayu

    How to use/ install/ update macros Excel 2007 guide

    Hi All, In office people always bug me and ask me to install macros on their system. So I made this guide for them to use. It is specifically designed for Excel 2007. Mainly in reference to Personal.xlsb files. Hope this is useful for you too.
  18. B

    Index, Offset, Match Question in Excel 2007

    I am attempting to do some statistical analysis on some inspection reports for my employer. I have 6 reports exported as excel spreadsheets that I have combined into one workbook, and I want to compile data on the first page of the workbook by doing an index or offset to report the measurement...
  19. N

    How to add Dynamic Tool Tip in cell based on data- Excel 2007

    HI , Im using MS Excel 2007 and developing a seating arrangement tool in excel. In excel file two sheets : 1. Seat availability (Seat vacant or occupied , which I take care through macro) 2. Datavalue : in which Seat no, employee no and employee name is entered (a master table for tool tips)...
  20. D

    Excel 2007 Data Input Form

    Hello Deepak Can you please help me to code the attached file (POTracker) excel form to send data from the form directly to the sample spreadsheet (POTracker). When a user is filling the form, I would also want the form to automatically retrieve data from the spreadsheet (If data exist in...
  21. L

    Formula works in Excel 2007, but not in Excel 2003

    ...Our averages are based on the last 3 scores that you shot. I found an array formula on this site somewhere that works wonderfully in Excel 2007. =IFERROR(ROUND(AVERAGE(AVERAGEIFS($E3:$AA3,$E$1:$AA$1,LARGE(IF($E3:$AA3>0,$E$1:$AA$1),{1,2,3}))),0),"") ctrl+shift+enter Unfortunately, my friend...
  22. R

    Are there any Sparklines or Trendlines (graphical) functions in Excel 2007? Show Example

    Are there any Sparklines or Trendlines (graphical) functions in Excel 2007? Show Example. The data is attached. Sparlines are required in Column O Thanks Rania
  23. Harpreet Singh

    How to create Dashboard in Excel 2007.

    Hi All, I am new to Excel Dashboards, can anybody share links or Ideas to create Excel DashBoard with raw data Step by Step.
  24. A

    Map in excel 2007

    hi , What is the best way to add interactive map in excel 2007 , I want the map show the sales per region . Thanks
  25. M. Qayyum Anwar

    Excel 2007 Dashboard for Supply Chain Activities.

    I have been assigned a task to restructure the Contract Administration and Procurement Department due to its poor performance in the past. I'm planning to have Deshboard having KPIs and Flags/Major Milestones to monitor all activities from: Award of contract from Client -> Purchase Request ->...