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  1. SirJB7

    Hui & Luke are running fast

    @Hui @Luke M Hi, guys! Just passing by and saw that you've already relegated me to the 4th place in the posts ranking... It was time to do that... long ago. My best regards!
  2. SirJB7

    Windows 7 (and 8?) process dllhost.exe high resources usage

    Hi, all! If someone running Windows 7 either in 32 or 64 bits (and I assume that for Win 8 it'd be the same) is experiencing severe slowness due to the process ddlhost.exe, a less than 10Kb program, that starts each second eager and eager, sucking all RAM until no matter how many Gb you have...
  3. SirJB7

    Chronicle of a death foretold: VBA living in borrowed time, by 2013 version

    Hi, all! Having tried a bit version 2013 a year ago I decided to keep using 2010 version. Now due to certain wonderful functions like WEBSERVICE I admitted that it was time to move on and upgrade, even if I didn't like the new version too much. World evolves, sometimes not towards where you'd...
  4. SirJB7

    Happy Christmas all around the world!

    Hi, all! Chandoo, aka r1c1 (run once, chased first), aka bis as keymaster (everybody still remember when he "lost" his "master" "key", ha ha ha...), Hui, master Po, Luke M, I miss your CASFFML illness, b(ut)ob(ut)hc, my old British sheepdog, Faseeh, my Urdu teacher, Debraj(ex-Roy), my hardware...
  5. SirJB7

    4 in a row

    Hi, all! Could you believe this? Who'd have imagined such an extraordinary event... http://chandoo.org/forum/find-new/156222/posts Regards!
  6. SirJB7

    Facebook Hacker Cup 2014

    Hi, all! A new edition of the traditional competence has opened the doors. Registration time for now, and practice with exercises of previous editions (I guess, didn't check, but they usually do). For those who might be interested, this is a copy of the mail with the links: ----- Hacker...
  7. SirJB7

    Congratulations b(ut)ob(ut)hc: 2000 posts

    Hi, my friend! Good afternoon. I want to celebrate your 2nd milestone, always a pleasure reading you. Just in case you don't have much to read... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer_in_Scotland Regards! PS: How much water passed under the bridge, I always remember your 1st post. My due respect...
  8. SirJB7

    Congratulations Luke M: 5,000 posts!

    Hi, Luke M! Congratulations for this major milestone, my dear friend. Yesterday I was waiting for you to reach the 5K posts but you decided to stop at -7, I cursed in a variety of languages since today I was going to be on the road all the day and I actually wanted to be one of (if not the)...
  9. SirJB7

    Congratulations Debraj Roy 1,000 posts

    Hi, my friend! Receive my most sincere congratulations for your first milestone... Welcome to the club... You well deserve it... Best regards!
  10. SirJB7

    A little of stats after implementing Solved label

    Hi, all! Just playing a little with figures... I took the 100 last topics posted, checked those not marked as solved and built this little table: Status Cases Percentage ----------------- ----- ---------- Posted 6 6,3% Not answered 1 1,0% Requested info 6 6,3% Solution provided 30...
  11. SirJB7

    Congratulations NARAYANK991 4,000 Posts

    Hi, NARAYANK991! Congratulations. Regards!
  12. SirJB7

    Congratulations Hui 5,000 Posts

    Hi, Hui! Congratulations on your first 5K post milestone... Regards! PS: Beware of that guy, the Keymaster, he's coming closer by leaps and bounds.
  13. SirJB7

    QR Codes - ISO 18004

    Hi! Let me start asking instead of answering, just to keep the custom. I started a project to develop Quick Response Codes features, both in Excel and in .NET, so I chose Visual Basic for Applications as the language to be used to develop first in Excel and then migrate it to Visual Basic in...
  14. SirJB7

    SirJB7 returns (I'm back!)

    Hi! No, it's neither about Batman nor Terminator nor anything alike. As many of you know I had some health problems that affected my eyes and my sight for a while, and that's why I've been absent from Chandoo's forums for the last two months. I want to thank again everyone for the received...
  15. SirJB7

    Merry Christmas

    Hi! I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and thank once again to the Key Master for having created this space, to the Ninja Team for their daily and altruistic support, to those featured members who play as equals, and to the whole community for eagerly participate and make these forums...
  16. SirJB7

    This topic has an error

    @SirJB7 Hi, myself! So long... As the title says, this topic has an error, something so unusual that I could hardly believe it: it has had no spam posts... yet. Regards! PS: Of course its for the time being, now 11:55PM GMT-3. And of course I don't guarantee anything at all by midnight.
  17. SirJB7

    Chandoo's website response time... too slow

    Hi, all! I don't know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue, but this afternoon (29/10/2012 14:30 GMT-3) and during the last two or three hours at least, the site is almost at a DOS status. Not a Denial Of Service but yes a Delay Of Service, each topic demands a lot of time to be loaded...
  18. SirJB7

    I've been waiting for this guy for two days and he stopped just at the doorway

    Hi, you! Yes, you. No, it isn't spam, it's just 3999, but as I won't be here tonight and for the next three days I wanted to be the first to shake your hand. Regards! PS: Maybe some kind Ninja might change this title when this guy decided to add 1 to that number? Thank you a lot.
  19. SirJB7

    Excel 2013 password system yet broken

    Hi, all! I love this guys... since 1995/7 or so. For those who have concerns (or even worse, for those who don't have any!) about Excel security, maybe you'd find useful reading this link: http://www.elcomsoft.com/PR/Office2013_26092012.html Regards!
  20. SirJB7

    New spam technique / mode

    Hi, all! Today I noticed that there have been a lot of topics created or updated since this weekend that were affected by a new spam technique. Hopefully more than 90-95% of those posts were detected and filtered by the site automatic tools and as usual the tag field's value remain dirty...
  21. SirJB7

    Folders files matching

    Hi, all! A week ago, being a rainy Saturday, in fact raining since previous Monday almost continuously, getting out of space in my 2 1Tb WD Caviar Black, in my WD external 500Gb and in my girl friend's similar too, I decided to do a little of housekeeping. Music was Ok, movies were Ok...
  22. SirJB7

    Syntax error in reply form (tags textbox)?

    Hi, all! Did anyone see that the label title of the tags textbox says "Tags (comma seperated)"? I guess it's always been there, in front our eyes, ... I apologize in advance for my non-native English if it's correct, but shouldn't it be "separated"? Regards!
  23. SirJB7


    @Chandoo Hi! Congratulations! ... 1st. 20K, or 2nd. 10K, or 40% of 50K,... Keep on going for nexts... whatever unit you choose... but let Excel rest for a while and do the calculations manually :) My best wishes!
  24. SirJB7

    Forums navigation thru topics

    Hi, Chandoo! I think that navigation thru topics would be highly improved if each topic had two more links (preferable at top and bottom, like most web pages), one for next topic and another for previous topic, so as to avoid clicking back to previous page and then selecting previous or next...
  25. SirJB7

    Issue with log in desconnection

    Hi! Something that happens more frequently each time and for which I have no clue, so any thoughts will be appreciated. I normally use Firefox & Chrome as browsers, and at loading time I start with all previous opened web pages (8 in FF and 6 in Chrome) being FF the default one. I use the...