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  1. xlstime

    VBA for Sampling: Stratified random sampling

    Hi , Can anyone guide me how to make Sampling stratified random sampling
  2. xlstime

    Excel table to html table

    Dear Masters, Can anyone please help to sharing the VBA code to convert excel table to html table
  3. xlstime

    Best way to Buckets (like using lookup)

    Dear All, Is there any way to lookup values which have already in range like 90-95, 80-85 so on, without making helper column. Using table one i required bucket value in table two. (I am able to do this using lookup function but using helper column). Please suggest the another way to do this...
  4. xlstime

    What is 3D/2D Array Formula in Excel

    Hi Masters, Can anyone help to understand this also please share some useful tips/tricks and urls. thanks
  5. xlstime

    Looking for freelancing work

    Dear All, I am looking for freelancing work - Reporting Dashboard Excel Automation Thank!.
  6. xlstime

    Happy Independence Day with Formula

    Hey All, Happy Independence Day :)...
  7. xlstime

    How to Add Custom Tab or Ribbon using VBA

    Dear Masters, I have search and not able to understand "How to Add Custom Tab or Ribbon using VBA". http://www.thespreadsheetguru.com/blog/step-by-step-instructions-create-first-excel-ribbon-vba-addin http://www.contextures.com/excelribbonaddcustomtab.html Can anyone guide me to make my...
  8. xlstime

    Curious related to security

    Hey Masters, Just curious to know about few things - Is there any way to delete protected module if aware of module password (but wanted to delete using another macro) if unaware of module password How may type of excel workbook password security Is there any way to understand the...
  9. xlstime

    VBA Projects to learn

    Dear Masters, Can many one have some VBA projects for learning prospective? I tried to search on google but could not found Thanks!.
  10. xlstime

    Lookup One table to another table

    Hi Master, How to lookup one table to another table (both tables have more than 5-6 columns and need to validate (match all). Please refer attachment
  11. xlstime

    Use of "zzz" in lookup

    Masters, Please help me to understand the use of "zzz" in lookup or any function.
  12. xlstime

    repeat INDIRECT in single cell without any arithmetic operator

    Hi Friends, Please help me to understand, I saw somewhere that someone used indirect function twice in a cell without using arithmetic operator =INDIRECT(J2) INDIRECT(K2) Please help me to understand this formula
  13. xlstime

    Is there any way to extract comments (cell comment) using formula

    Hi Masters, Is there any way to extract comments (cell comment) using formula
  14. xlstime

    sum of Maximum value from range of unique data set

    Hi Master, Could you please help to sum of maximue value in a range of unique data set. Sample sheet attached for your reference, it would be great if this will done by formula only
  15. xlstime

    Merge range in excel

    Hi Master, Is there any way to merge any more than 2 ranges in excel and performer formula on it
  16. xlstime

    Sum with multiple sum range

    Hi Masters, Could you please help to sum range with multiple sum range. sample sheet attached for your reference