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    Excel Resources - Excel 2007

    I notice that a large worksheet creates Excel resource errors at about 100 columns. Memory is not the culprit but rather Microsoft's sizing of stacks or heaps where pointers keep track of things is. I don't understand why Microsoft imposed this limit while expanding the spreadsheet rows and...
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    New question within an existing topic

    Is there a way to highlight that a response to a post has an additional question as part of a response? For example, a recommended solution works but the overall effect creates another problem. If the respondent could tag or trigger a flag that shows all members that another question exists, it...
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    Axis colors that match values (red text = negative value)

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out how a chart can display a text color based on the data value. for instance, on a bar graph, I want the positive values to show black text and the negative values to display red text. I can make the text color match the value (conditional formatting) but the...
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    Display filename/tab of a linked spreadsheet

    Hello, first time poster to the forum. We want to display the filename/tab of the linked spreadsheet that provides the data in an adjacent cell. We can do it by linking to a cell with file name / tab, but we would like to do it by looking at the linked formula and pulling the filename / tab from...